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29 Tips to Navigate AppExchange Like a Pro

With a fast, smart, and personalized experience, AppExchange can help you find the right solutions to extend Salesforce to any department and industry. To ensure you stay in the know about our latest and greatest, we’ve enlisted Appy to help you navigate and find the many features of AppExchange. We have compiled 29 tips in this post to help you take advantage of all that AppExchange has to offer.

Tip 1: Stay up to date on all things AppExchange by clicking on “All Content” from the Ohana tab.

Learn best practices and accelerate your business, all from content and trails integrated into AppExchange.

Tip 2: Check out free AppExchange apps by clicking on “All Apps.”

Get started solving business challenges — for free — by checking out our Free Apps collection page.

Tip 3: Discover data-driven insights with Lightning Data by clicking on “Listings by Type.”

Increase sales rep productivity with this new solution type that is easy to deploy and updates automatically.

Tip 4: Explore finance apps by clicking on the “All Apps” drop-down menu.

Curated app collection pages help you get closer to finding solutions you’re looking for in your specific department or industry.

Tip 5: Search keywords across the entire AppExchange by using the intelligent search bar.

Find everything you are looking for — faster, and all in one place.

Tip 6: Look for "Appy's Suggestions for You" upon login at the top of the home page.

Find personalized app recommendations based on your profile, install history, and site activity upon login.

Tip 7: Sort your results using the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Reorder your view to help find the solution you're looking for. Sort by popularity, rating, release date, name, or provider.

Tip 8: Find Healthcare & Life Sciences solutions under the "Industry Collections" navigation menu.

Curated collection pages help you get closer to finding a solution for your industry-specific needs.

Tip 9: Look for Sales Cloud-specific solutions under "Product Collections."

Extend the power of Salesforce with product-specific solutions found on our curated product collection pages.

Tip 10: Discover our featured apps collection by clicking the arrow next to “All Apps.”

Find featured solutions that extend Salesforce into every department and industry, helping you meet your business needs.

Tip 11: Bolt Solutions are prebuilt templates that help you launch communities faster. Learn more by clicking on “Listings by Type.”

Lightning Bolts contain industry process flows, apps, Lightning Components, and Communities, all integrated seamlessly with Salesforce.

Tip 12: Explore customer service apps by clicking the arrow next to “All Apps.”

Find customer service solutions and more by browsing by category.

Tip 13: Join the Demo Jam fun — a live game show of 3-minute app demos from the Ohana tab. 

Join the fun every third Thursday where AppExchange partners showcase the best of their app in only three minutes. Access Demo Jam from the Ohana tab to learn more and register to watch.

Tip 14: Master the AppExchange Basics Trail module. Find it on Trailhead from the Ohana tab. Appy trails!

Get easy access to all of your favorite trails via AppExchange. You can now find Trailhead from the Ohana tab.

Tip 15: Salesforce Labs are free solutions built by Salesforce employees. Find them in the “App Categories” menu under “Collections.”

Solve tough business challenges with free, customizable solutions.

Tip 16: Want your tip featured? Tweet us @AppExchange with your words of wisdom.

Share your AppExchange tips, tricks, or best practices, and you may be featured.

Tip 17: Embed the power of apps directly inside of Quip.

Learn how to transform the way you work with Quip Live Apps, now available on AppExchange.

Tip 18: Learn about the latest solutions and news by clicking “Stay Informed” from the Ohana tab.

Get the latest AppExchange updates delivered straight to your inbox. Sign up for our newsletter right from the Ohana tab.

Tip 19: Narrow down your search by filtering paid and free solutions.

Filter solutions from the sidebar on any app category page.

Tip 20: Click the “Save” button to place a solution into your “Saved Listings” for later.

Bookmark your favorite solutions to view at a later time.

Tip 21: “Test out an app in your sandbox or developer org before installing in production.” – @urbiswa

Try out any solution, as well as its new updates, before you decide to install.

Tip 22: Just about every app has reviews from customers like you. Click on the app, then look for “Reviews.”

Learn more from customers who have already installed the app.

Tip 23: Build apps and customize pages with Lightning Components. Find them under “Listings by Type.”

Lightning Components are the building blocks for making apps and custom pages in Lightning App Builder.

Tip 24: Make the switch with the Lightning Experience Transition Toolkit. Found under “Product Collections.”

Kickstart your transition from Salesforce Classic to Lightning.

Tip 25: Connect with community members in the Trailblazer Community. Join now from the Ohana tab.

Discover user groups and more on the Trailblazer Community.

Tip 26: Narrow your search for sales apps. Discover 10+ subcategories by clicking through “App Categories.”

From compensation management to geolocation, subcategories make it easier to zero in on the right app.

Tip 27: “The fastest way to expand your Salesforce feature set is by installing the right apps.” - @davidgiller

Get started by exploring the many free apps available across AppExchange.

Tip 28: Explore small business solutions to get going and start growing. Find them under “Product Collections.”

Get started with these solutions that have transformed how other small businesses operate and drive revenue.

Tip 29: Explore the Einstein Analytics product collection to understand the what and why across your business.

Check out the production collection to start making smarter business decisions.

Looking for something in particular on AppExchange or feeling inspired to share an tip with the rest of the community? Make sure to tweet @AppExchange for a chance to have your tip featured.

Miriam Rattes is Project Manager for AppExchange.
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