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The Secret to Navigating a Sea of Sales: Your Compass of Compensation

Ahoy, matey! Sales require navigating roiling seas of prospects, quotas, data-driven insights, and deadlines in a fast-paced environment. As the captain of your own sales vessel, you must employ superior tools along the voyage to success — and compensation is the primary compass to chart your course to plunder.


The robust Salesforce platform combines simplicity and ease-of-use with the power of an end-to-end incentive compensation solution. Incentives are transparent: you can view and manage your entire compensation process from sales order to payout. Integrated and efficient tools drive accelerated sales cycles, uncover potential opportunities, forecast payouts, and generate sales reports.  Read on to learn how automating the sales compensation payment and reporting processes can radically help compensation admins, sales reps and operation leaders be much more efficient.


Learn how to onboard — not overboard

As a sales rep, navigating multiple tools to learn about products while being productive is likely a challenge. To minimize time spent away from selling, information should be accessible and streamlined across various user interfaces and tools. Obtaining useful information, managing leads, and forecasting compensation in one platform; anytime, anywhere, and from any device decreases your learning curve. Less time spent searching and digesting valuable information means that more time can be spent being productive—and earning money.


Effectively communicate compensation (a.k.a. Pirate's Plunder)

As a sales pirate, your motivation is the compensation plan: your potential plunder. Compensation allows for direct visibility of the bottom line, including easy review of compensation plans, insight into forecasts, discounts, and real-time estimates for each opportunity. In the simplest of terms, you need to see when and how much you will be paid, and having the ability to access all commissions information within a Salesforce tab allows for rapid adjustment selling behaviors at every stage of the sales cycle. The end result: you maximize income while your organization increases revenue.


Clearly chart the course with reports


Those who support sales teams also have their own challenges: Sales Operations teams have a number of Excel spreadsheets with complex macros. They rely on compensation administrators, IT, and/or services to create and run reports. To compound the situation, it is extremely manual to import and export data, and challenging to maintain accurate information.


Sales Operations teams often lack the ability to accurately adjust commission forecasts, allocate budgets, determine the best practices of top-performing sales reps, create promotions to spur new business, and even change sales processes to maximize success. Integrating commissions into Salesforce gives Sales Operations teams the ability to embed compensation data and create reports easily. There is no manual data import or export required, which means you’re always reporting on the latest and most accurate information, whether you’re on a mobile device or at your desk.


Integrating commissions into your Salesforce dashboard ensures a smooth transition for your organization in the future with accessible education, simplified reporting, and accurate forecasting—anywhere, anytime. The voyage to success is best charted with the robust compass of commissions. Anchors aweigh!

CallidusCloud helps companies optimize their sales compensation programs by eliminating costly commissions disputes, reduce pipeline processing time, and improving payout accuracy.

Christine is VP Global Sales & Channel Operations and Enablement at CallidusCloud.
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