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12 Months of Apps for 2018

Photo by Leyla Seka

2018 is almost here, and new year's resolutions are about to be in full swing. I plan to practice mindfulness, wake up before the snooze button, and spend more time outside (who wouldn't with that picture of Jackson Hole, Wyoming by Leyla Seka?!). From a business standpoint, automating processes, boosting productivity and syncing departments seem like pretty good plans as well. AppExchange apps can help you get there, so with twelve months of 2018 to go, here are 12 helpful apps. Even more, get a digital copy of the AppExchange wall calendar plus desktop backgrounds with photos from the Salesforce Ohana.

January with Skuid
Create apps tailor-made to your unique needs and processes, unifying data across multiple sources - without code. Experience greater productivity, engagement, and user adoption. Now head for the door and experience the great outdoors.

February with Conga Contracts
Get complete visibility and control over the contract negotiation process. You'll shrink negotiation cycles by 50%, negotiate deals faster and increase contract insight. Celebrate a job well done with a weekend at a national park.

March with SpringCM Contract Management
Help work flow better by automating contract and document processes. You'll close business faster and make it easier for your customers to work with you. All of which makes it easier for you to leave work early and head outdoors.

April with Trailhead Tracker
Empower your employees to learn Salesforce. Assign, track, and report on Trailhead badges earned by your team via prebuilt reports and dashboards. By the way, there are plenty of trailheads at a park. Check one out today.

May with I'm Out!
When an agent goes on vacation or out of office, here's an easy way for the agent to say: (a) I'm out, and (b) assign all customer cases to someone else. Wait. Did someone say "vacation"? How about spending it outdoors?

June with SMS-Magic
Engage your buyers with personalized, conversational text messages, then win and retain customer revenue while creating strong customer relationships. Hey, did you know you can have a relationship with the outdoors? It's true.

July with Dell Boomi
Easily connect any combination of SaaS, cloud, and on-premises applications directly from the web with no software, coding or appliances to install or maintain. Congrats. Job well done. You deserve a nature getaway.

August with FinancialForce Accounting
Streamline your opportunity-to-cash process, manage revenue precisely, and generate real-time financial analysis and audit trails with ease. Speaking of trails, there's one in a park with your name on it.

September with Fonteva Events
Give event managers, marketing staff, and corporate HR one system to handle all their events - from simple to complex. Get a complete view of events and sync it to sales. Now take some time off and get in sync with nature.

October with FormAssembly
Help your teams streamline complex processes. Simplified visual editing and publishing make it easy for employees to create and manage complex forms. Say goodbye to complex, hello to an easy hike at a nearby park.

November with Field Trip
Run reports on the standard and custom fields in Salesforce. Analyze the fields in any object, including what percentage of the records have that field populated. After all that math, reward yourself with a hike in a park.

December with Nintex Document Generation
Accelerate budiness results by automatically creating compliant, up-to-date documents. Generate business-critical content -with a push of a button - using your Salesforce data. Whew, that was fast. Spend that saved time at a park.

Learn more about these apps and get your own digital version of the AppExchange calendar for a year-long app celebration at

Amanda Nelson is Director of Community Marketing for AppExchange, Salesforce.