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Join the #Appy Twitter Chat

Join us every first Wednesday of the month at 11am PT/ 2pm ET as we discuss your next process-improving, time-saving, can't-work-without solution. Simply go to #appy on Twitter to answer fun questions, share insights, stories, thoughts and challenges that bring out the #appyness. It’s free – all you need is a Twitter account.

What is a Twitter chat, and how do I join in?

The #Appy Twitter Chat is a monthly, 30-minute, high-energy chat on Twitter under #appy focused on different aspects of AppExchange each month.

  1. Go to Twitter and search for #appy (or click here)
  2. @appexchange will tweet a question using #appy using Q1. Every few minutes, we'll tweet more questions, using Q2., Q3., Q4., and so on.
  3. When you want to answer a question, simply use A1. with your answer (or A2., A3., etc. based on the question you're answering) along with #appy.
  4. You can also comment, ask your own questions, etc. – just make sure to use #appy.
  5. Don't forget to like, RT, and comment on other attendees' tweets, too.

That's it!

Meet the hosts

Why #Appy?

The hashtag caught on by Salesforce customers as a way to show their interest in Salesforce solutions. It's also the name of our guide to all things AppExchange. For over two years, Appy has been leading the way to help customers navigate the AppExchange ecosystem to solve their business challenges. She will most certainly make an appearance in these Twitter chats.

The schedule

Here's the schedule of Twitter chat topics for the next few months:

  • June 5th: Consulting Partners
  • July 3rd: Salesforce Labs
  • August 7th: #AwesomeAdmin apps

Want to host a future Twitter chat? Have an idea for a topic? Let us know by tweeting to @appexchange.

Amanda Nelson is Director of Community Marketing at Salesforce AppExchange.
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