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1 AppExchange Question: 1,000+ AppExchange Responses

This year at TrailheaDX, we asked attendees, “What solution would you like to see on AppExchange?” and the response was positively amazing, as event attendees feverishly wrote their answers on notecards. Appy’s Brainstorm Board was completely covered, top to bottom, edge to edge with these notes, and we want to share what the Ohana had to say.

These are the top five themes, a few interesting insights to each, as well as some relevant solutions that exist today.


Customers want ways to ensure accuracy and transparency, as well as determine the overall health of Salesforce. Ideas centered around solutions around setting correct permissions, audit tracking, determining technical debt, and ensuring features and customizations are documented.

Consider getting started with these governance solutions >>


Ideas spanned across fun integrations such as Bitmoji and voice devices, as well as integrations with multiple platforms. Requests for financial integrations such as banking and point of sale showcase the importance of continuing to frame the roadmap around industry needs and trends.

See these existing integration solutions >>

Reports and Dashboards

Customers don’t want to create or start from scratch if they don’t have to. The ability to extend or modify anything that is pre-existing was very important to customers. Tailoring to fit specific use cases, such as ROI, engagement, or adoption dashboards, is critical to Trailblazers. 

For more reports and dashboards, see these solutions >>


This is no surprise. After all, who wouldn’t love having an easier time getting new processes up and running? Most of the ideas in this theme focused on solutions to save time for entering information or within a process, like time tracking, permissions management, and more. 

There are some great process-based solutions. Check them out >>

Lightning Templates

Customers are seeking examples and starter packs that they can customize. And also, just MORE—more Lightning Flows, more Lightning components, more Lightning Pages—you get the idea. 

Get started with Lightning Flow solutions >>

We're always working to make AppExchange solutions better. Have some ideas? Share it with us on Twitter at @appexchange.

Holly Rushton is Senior Manager of Content Marketing at AppExchange.
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