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4 Customers Realizing ROI from AppExchange Solutions

Ah, ROI. Return on investment is the holy grail when it comes to procuring technology. Everyone wants to prove that their investment in new tech is paying dividends toward helping solve business challenges. If ROI can be proven, it can lead to future investments and, possibly, a promotion for the person responsible for finding and implementing it.

Customers who use AppExchange tell us, time and again, how often it helps them solve business challenges faster and more efficiently, and when they provide metrics to back it up, we have to shout it from the rooftops. ROI can be achieved through a number of success metrics based on individual businesses, and below are customer stories that show ROI through a number of key performance indicators provided by customers themselves.

Zenconnect streamlines their accounting and business with Accounting Seed

Zenconnect needed a cloud-based accounting system to measure profitability and growth relative to their business model, and thus centralized 100% of their data for efficient workflow with Accounting Seed. Get the app >>

View, Inc. streamlines account planning with Prolifiq CRUSH

At View, Inc., account plans were done in a bulky and cumbersome way in PowerPoint and Excel. View, Inc. saw an 80% reduction in time spent crafting presentations with Prolifiq. Get the app >>

Regroup increases leads and prospect meetings with TimeTrade

Regroup Mass Notification had conflicting appointments, and no automated follow-up reminders. With TimeTrade, they increased their web conversion rate by 54%, and the solution paid for itself in just six months. Now that’s ROI. Get the app >>

Bullock and Company LLC enables relationship building with Org Chart

Bullock and Company needed an org chart for their large accounts. "With powerful color coding and easy-to-use drag and drop interface within Salesforce, we can visualize the depth of relationships [with DemandFarm]." - Bullock and Company Get the app >>

Andrew Gothelf is Senior Manager, AppExchange Marketing
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