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MuleSoft Answers Top-of-Mind Integration Questions

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is radically disrupting almost every business sector, changing what is possible, and with it, transforming consumers’ expectations. Because of this, connectivity — and specifically, integration — is top-of-mind for everyone in the ecosystem. After all, the IT landscape is moving toward microservices architecture that prize best-of-breed solutions. And up-leveling integration as part of an overall business strategy is key to driving digital transformation.

To learn more about integration, and get answers to those big questions around the topic, we asked four integration experts from organizations that eat, sleep and breathe this space, in the e-book, 4 Experts Answer Top-of-Mind Integration Questions. One of these experts is Allegra Margolis, Senior Manager of Product Marketing at MuleSoft.

Why is integration important for customers?

Allegra Margolis: Connected customer experiences have become the new battleground. In the fourth industrial revolution, the customer is always connected, and they expect personalized interactions, no matter where they are. Data and processes within the enterprise, however, are highly fragmented. We are committed to helping customers orchestrate these systems quickly and nimbly, both systems within and beyond the Salesforce ecosystem.

What challenges do you see customers facing when it comes to integration?

Allegra: The business is demanding more and more. Enterprises today have around 900 applications - but only a third of those applications are integrated making it increasingly difficult to have a model of growing revenue and scale. It all comes down to speed and with an increase in IT projects year over year, there needs to be a smarter approach to integration. We want to help customers do more than simply “keep the lights on” and deal with maintenance - we want Trailblazers spending their time on innovation to meet the demands of the business.

How do you think about integration in your overall business strategy?

Allegra: Think about integration as a strategic enabler of the business. To truly build an application network requires connectivity across data, devices and applications, including partners. Partners provide greater leverage in helping customers build a truly connected experience.

By demystifying integration, companies can begin to better understand and craft a strategy to tap into the open ecosystem opportunity that lies ahead. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is writing a new, connected future as we speak — and we all have an immense opportunity to help build this new world.

To hear how other experts from integration organizations including Jitterbit, Boomi and Workato, check out the e-book today.

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