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6 Ways to Work Smarter with AppExchange

In a global, hyper-competitive world, little things make a huge difference for companies trying to better serve their customers. One thing companies can do is to regularly look for inefficiencies that new technology can eliminate, which, in turn, help employees work smarter and more effectively. In tandem, those responsible for purchasing new technology — decision makers across departments, and software developers — can all work to eliminate costly, manual processes.

AppExchange has solutions to help employees across industries and departments perform their daily work functions smarter. Some of these solutions use machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver predictions that help make smarter decisions. Others eliminate manual data entry to help employees focus their time on more important tasks. All of these solutions deliver a similar end result: technology that helps employees work smarter and, ultimately, create a better customer experience.

With that in mind, here are six ways to work smarter with AppExchange. Alongside them are six AppExchange solutions that help accomplish that goal.

Manage events within Salesforce using Fonteva Events: Organizing and managing events is a responsibility that can benefit tremendously from technology, one that can help employees work smarter. When keeping track of numerous vendors, registration, payments, attendees, and follow-up, not to mention session scheduling during the event, it’s easy to see how an event organizer might get overwhelmed. Technology can help manage all of these critical details in one place.

With Fonteva Events, you’ll manage over 50 different event types, complete with full payment processing and customized registration websites, all within Salesforce. By managing all data within a single system, you can keep track of sponsors, venues, speakers, registrants, and more while eliminating data transfers and manual data capture.

Get better data and better insights with D&B Optimizer: Working smarter means automating processes that can be automated. One such item is data quality checks done by sales teams to ensure account and lead data is accurate and up to date. In automating this activity, you’ll accelerate your time-to-engage by prioritizing the accounts most likely to move through the sales funnel, as well as rapidly identifying cross-sell and upsell opportunities with visibility into corporate hierarchies.

D&B Optimizer, a Lightning Data offering on AppExchange, automatically enriches account and lead data in your Salesforce environment, accelerating sales with over 80 fields of rich Dun & Bradstreet data.

Integrate accounting with Salesforce using Accounting Seed: Connecting your accounting and enterprise resource planning with Salesforce is a great way to start working smarter. By managing your general ledger, billing, accounts payable, and more on one platform, you’ll track financial data through the entire business lifecycle.

With Accounting Seed, you’ll save hours in preparing essential data to manage your operations, and eliminate the need for endpoint solutions that can fall out of sync or require manual data entry.

Automate data protection with Spanning Backup: Sometimes, working smarter means proactively protecting your data. You’ll save time and give yourself peace of mind with daily, automated backup that removes the hassle of manual exports, all while providing a deeper level of data protection with metadata and customizations.

Spanning Backup provides automated, on-demand backups with unlimited storage. You’ll get single-item restore, bulk restores, and cross-org restores from any point in time. With direct-on-page, field-level recovery and record compare, you’ll quickly recover data from any point in time. Data loss can happen to anyone, and if it does, you’ll look smart when all of your Salesforce data is backed up and ready to restore.

Automate document generation without code using Nintex DocGen: Document generation can require a lot of time, energy, and resources if done manually. Even then, manual data entry leaves the chance of human error higher than it should be. But working smarter when it comes to document generation has a plethora of benefits — from eliminating human error to ensuring legal and policy compliance to accelerating sales-to-cash timelines.

Nintex DocGen pulls data from any custom standard object within Salesforce or external sources and compiles it automatically into dynamic document templates. Its drag-and-drop design interface makes it easy to build complex, automated solutions without code, producing documents ranging from quotes and contracts to tax documents and service agreements.

Initiate surveys automatically and better gauge customer sentiment with GetFeedback: Understanding customer sentiment and feedback is critical to delivering a better customer experience. But getting customers to provide feedback in an organized way, and at the right points along the customer journey, can be a challenge to working smarter. So in order to work smarter on behalf of customers, it’s important to work smarter in collecting customer opinion.

GetFeedback helps build customizable surveys with drop-and-drop ease. With easy-to-use HTML and Visualforce email templates, you’ll bring the first survey question into your customer’s inbox and improve response rates. You’ll also trigger surveys based on customer activity along their journey.

Andrew Gothelf is Senior Manager, AppExchange Marketing
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