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Integration and Selecting a Contact Center Solution

Nearly 90 percent of IT professionals say the top two reasons their organization uses Salesforce are for customer acquisition and retention, according to Bluewolf’s latest State of Salesforce Report. Businesses that use Salesforce to manage customer relationships can benefit from having an integrated telephony solution – as research proves that voice remains an important channel for driving customer experience and loyalty.  

That’s why NewVoiceMedia (NVM) has placed Salesforce integration at the heart of its contact center solution. Combining Salesforce with the power of NVM gives you unrivalled access to your rich customer data and provides everything you need to make sales and service conversations great. NVM collaborates closely with Salesforce to share technology roadmaps, short-term and long-term goals, and feedback to ensure our solutions work as one to offer the best possible agent-centered user experience. 

Empowering Sales and Service Teams

According to Gartner, the best customer engagement applications have tools for agents as well as customers. The NVM Platform ensures agents have the right data at the right time to make sales and service conversations more personal, productive and emotionally satisfying. 

Deep integration means that NVM and Salesforce share the same User Interface (UI), eliminating the need for agents to learn, or switch back and forth between, a separate interface. Freed from thinking about tech, this allows reps to focus on what they do best – making the emotional connections that drive customer satisfaction.

More than just a cloud telephony platform, NVM boasts full omni-channel support. Integrating your contact center with Salesforce means you can escalate customer support from digital self-service to human agents and back again, while retaining the context of the interaction for reporting and future customer engagements. At the same time, intelligent call routing ensures your reps can preview all the information you have about a customer, making cold calls warmer and difficult conversations run smoother.

With NVM’s synchronized Salesforce telephony integration, you can add local caller IDs to every outgoing call. Matching phone numbers to the geographic location you’re calling not only increases connection rates and call backs, but also improves efficiency for your agents. 

Our integration capabilities also allow agents to view all call related reports within Salesforce. You can easily access standard call center metrics such as average handle time, time in queue, dropped calls and talk time without switching dashboards. Combining this call data with the information you have in Salesforce supplies the insight needed to fix choke points in the customer journey and provide better CX. 

Monitoring, Measuring, and Maximizing Contact Center Performance

By bringing your voice communications inside Salesforce, NVM can offer hidden insights for monitoring, measuring and maximizing contact center performance. For example, Conversation Analyzer, NVM’s speech analytics solution, consolidates call data with your CRM to deliver actionable insights into sales and service performance. It categorizes your customer interactions to spot trends and presents easy to interpret data visualizations that deliver an instant picture of your successes and challenges. 

Whether your goal is to boost CSAT scores or reduce churn rates, Conversation Analyzer unlocks information that would otherwise remain trapped inside your call data. Harnessing this power allows you to dig deeper into customer conversations. Uncovering, understanding and acting on these details allows you to test new campaigns, approaches and find the coaching methods that work best.

Merging Mind and Machine for Better Results

AI is now advanced enough to analyze customer interactions at an incredible scale, supporting reps to say the rights things during every live conversation. Leveraging the power of Salesforce Einstein and NVM’s Conversation Analyzer can help you identify the tell-tale signs of an unhappy customer and put measures in place that protect your bottom line. 

At the click of a button, you can predict key business outcomes, including a customer’s likelihood to churn or the lifetime value of an account. Conversation Analyzer takes these predictive capabilities a step further, allowing your reps to make calls more personalized and engaging.

To learn more about how NewVoiceMedia’s Salesforce integration can help you build an army of sales and service heroes and make every customer conversation great, click here.

Robert Gavin is Senior Vice President of Alliances at NewVoiceMedia. With over 20 years’ experience, having previously led alliances, customer success and professional services teams at Salesforce in EMEA, Robert is responsible for global partnerships and alliances across cloud infrastructure providers, system integrators and strategic partners, including acquisition, go-to-market strategy and execution.

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