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How AI Can Help Your Recruiting Process

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been so seamlessly integrated into our lives that we barely even notice the technology itself. From smart home systems to corporate recruiting, AI has made our lives easier on so many levels. 

Whether you’re the recruiter or the job seeker, you’ll find AI tools to help lessen some of the frustrations that seem inherent to the process. And as tech trends emerge in 2019 and beyond, we can only expect AI to become a larger part of the recruiting process. 

According to PwC forecasts, 20% of U.S. companies with AI initiatives expect to roll out AI across their businesses throughout 2019. We know that the recruitment industry and process is ripe for the type of digital transformation that AI can deliver, and we’re still in the early days of this new technology. 

So, how can we use AI to help with the recruiting process? Here are some of the most exciting things we’re seeing in the pipeline. 

How AI Solves Recruiting Problems

AI has stepped up to fill in gaps that many of us may not have even seen in the recruiting process, and through it, a recruiter’s life becomes easier and the process becomes more efficient. 

Here are just a few problems that AI in recruiting can solve. 

  1. Reducing recruiter bias – Although a well-designed AI system may make you question whether there’s a human making the decisions, the lack of bias in an AI system makes it all clear. Humans have emotional and cognitive biases that have nothing to do with the position or facts. In some cases, this could manifest as a “gut feeling” that works out in the company’s favor. But in many cases, it produces a bias that could result in poor decision making. And because these biases are usually subconscious, it’s difficult to identify them. This is also helpful to reduce/eliminate discrimination. 
  2. Better experience for the job seeker – AI can help streamline the recruitment process for the candidate and answer any questions they may have in a timely manner. This could lead to applications from higher caliber candidates, improve corporate brand with candidates. SocialHire application engine reduces the questions a candidate has to answer, only relevant questions are asked based on the candidates profile
  3. Improving the human experience – It may seem counter-intuitive for AI to result in an improved human experience, but that’s exactly what corporations are seeing. When the humans involved can shift their focus from paperwork and minutia to individuals, they can arrive more prepared for the face-to-face meetings and spend more time getting to know the real candidates. 
  4. Reduce mundane tasks – Let’s face it. There can be a lot of minutia in the recruitment and onboarding process. AI can help reduce the mundane tasks, so the humans can do what they do best. 

AI Recruitment Technology in Use

Although current technologies barely scratch the surface of what’s to come, recruiters can get a taste for how AI can help streamline the recruiting process with a few tools that are already available. 

Pre-Interview Chatbots

For most higher-level positions, recruiters must conduct multiple levels of interviews with qualified candidates. Now, imagine AI handling the first level. That’s exactly what AI “assistant” chatbots are doing to help improve the recruiting process. Chatbots can automate communication with candidates during the application phase. With AI-based chatbots, you can analyze the resume in real time and ask the candidate questions before the interview. 

For example, AI can analyze the resume and ask a candidate to explain the gap in his or her employment history or reason for having a short tenure at a particular organization. And if a candidate seems to be a great fit, you can schedule an interview immediately. And because this is all automated, the record of all chats will instantly be filed with each candidate’s application. 

Candidate identification with best fit

Tools that use AI in recruiting can identify the best prospects from an endless pile of resumes, LinkedIn profile and cover letters. SocialHire is one such tool that excels at this, using information from both the job criteria and the company culture to find matches. 

AI Recruitment Team

When a recruitment system has AI at its core, you can have great corporate brand recognition among potential employees, eliminate mundane recruiting tasks, and improve employee retention by getting the hire right the first time. SocialHire uses an AI-based system to recruit, manage applications, connect with social channels and streamline the recruiting process. And the entire process can be integrated into your Salesforce account. 

Are you ready to streamline your recruitment process with Artificial Intelligence? Check out SocialHire on AppExchange today.

Girish Balakrishnan is the Solution Architect and Founder at SocialHire.

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