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New on AppExchange: Consultant Listings Now Have Verified Project Reviews

AppExchange truly is a marketplace with one ultimate goal: to help you and your organization extend and enhance your Salesforce investment. With 4,000+ solutions and more than 1,400 consultant listings, you can find the technology and strategic expertise to help transform your business. 

One of the best, and most helpful, parts of AppExchange are the 90,000+ peer reviews of solutions and consultants across the marketplace. Think about it — when was the last time you purchased something online or hired a company without reading reviews? Reviews provide a great way to hear from other customers and Salesforce users on their experiences — good, bad, and everything in between.

Next time you visit consultant listings on AppExchange, you’ll notice that a new type of review has joined the family — Verified Project Reviews. Let’s dive into Verified Project Reviews and how they can help you.

What is a Verified Project Review? 

First things first — a Verified Project Review is an additional way for customers to evaluate consultants and learn firsthand from other customers about their experiences working with a consultant. A wonderful complement to community reviews, Verified Project Reviews are collected during the Customer Satisfaction Survey that follows every completed consulting project. When a survey taker opts to have their written feedback published, it shows up in the form of a Verified Project Review. 

Where can I find Verified Project Reviews?

Great news — Verified Project Reviews are located right alongside community reviews. Visit any consultant’s AppExchange listing and simply click on Reviews in the top bar. 

You’ll notice a green checkmark along with the text “Salesforce Verified” on all Verified Project Reviews. 

How should I use Verified Project Reviews?

This enhancement means you have access to additional project feedback on a consultant, sourced straight from other customers. Use Verified Project Reviews, along with community reviews, to help evaluate and select a consultant that fits your business needs. You can also see key information about the customer who left the review, such as industry and company size. 

There are over 2,500 Verified Project Reviews (and counting) on AppExchange. Take some time to check them out, and be sure to include them in your evaluation process the next time you’re looking to hire a consultant.

Start exploring Consultants on AppExchange today.

Holly Rushton is a Senior Manager, Content Marketing for AppExchange at Salesforce.
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