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Appy November from Salesforce Labs

Salesforce Labs is a vast collection of free AppExchange solutions all made possible by the Salesforce employees who build them. These solutions are open source for customers to install, customize and love. In November 2018, Salesforce Labs celebrated gratitude & thanks with an #AppyNovember highlighting Labs solutions, employees, community members and resources.

Day 1. Launched Appy November sweepstakes with sharing our gratitude for the Trailblazer employees who create the Lab Solutions you love. Your passion, talent, innovations and giving nature is what makes the Salesforce Labs program possible!

Day 2. Thankful for Trailblazers like Maggie Jolitz and Marc Baizman who share their favorite tools to help others. Check out this Salesforce Admins 5 Game-Changing Lightning Components webinar to learn their tips:

Day 3. Trailblazers around the world agree, data quality is critical for success and we are thankful that the Data Quality Analysis Dashboard can help bring focus to this key area. Check it out:

Day 4. Get started fast with free Salesforce Lab solutions. Explore new and popular apps, components, Flow solutions and Einstein analytics and report here:

Day 5. Looking for Labs solutions to help solve problems? This blog post shared what three Salesforce customers recommend you explore:

Day 6. Gratitude for Awesome Trailbalzers like Phil Walton who create resources that pull together 101 free AppExchange apps to help others find the solutions they need:

Day 7. Thankful for Trailblazers taking the time to write reviews! We love all feedback, such as this recent review for Data Quality Analysis Dashboards "An awesome framework, giving a very good idea on how to implement a data quality control stack"

Day 8. This ebook gathers all the excitement from the AppExchange at Dreamforce. We are thankful for each one of these solutions from partners & employees!

Day 9. Carlos Siqueira shares "My message for those considering Salesforce is to follow your passion, be active, get involved on the community, ask/talk/post, seek a mentor, start to give back immediately, share, be humble."

Day 10. Sharing is caring, and we love sharing awesome apps! Explore the Lab App guide and all of the AppExchange guides here

Day 11. Check out these fan-favorite AppExchange apps from Dreamforce  We appreciate each one of these solutions being part of this amazing ecosystem!

Day 12. Veterans are blazing trails with Salesforce, learn about VetForce and meet some of the awesome trailblazers here: 

Day 13. Interested in exploring how Enhanced Lightning Grid was created? Check out the code on the Labs Github

Day 14. Brian Kwong shares “Lab Apps have inspired me with possibilities, provided a launch board to success, and solved my immediate problems. They're a great addition to my Salesforce arsenal”

Day 15. Check out Customisable Header & Footer with Progress Indicator on the AppExchange here #AppyNovember is welcoming a brand new Lab solution to the family!

Day 16: Grateful for SalesforceOhana members like Jeremiah Dohn who share their favorite Lab Solutions! Check out the recording to the Dreamforce Get Started Fast with 15 Free Solutions built by Salesforce Labs

Day 17: Curious about Einstein Bots? Traverse this new technology by installing these 2 Lab Bot Apps. Mr. Robot Framework & Utility Bot AppyNovember is exploring new technology

Day 18: Check out Formal on the AppExchange here AppyNovember is making forms look good & exploring a new Lab solution!

Day 19: We love solutions that make lives of Awesome Admins easier. Migrate your notes & attachments to the Lightning Experience w/ Magic Mover for Notes & Attachments. Fit it here on the AppExchange

Day 20: Your users will share their gratitude when you focus on UX w/ these 2 Lab Solutions. Get them now on the AppExchange Flow Magic Picklist  & Swipey 

Day 21: Meeting attendees will thank you when you install this Quip Live Lab App! Scheduler allows everyone to collaborative propose, vote and choose the best time, right w/in Quip! Check it out here  on the AppExchange

Day 22. Connecting with others is an important part of life & what makes the Trailblazer Community so special! Please visit the community  to give back and make meaningful connections.

Day 23. Trailblazers are growing their skills & opportunities with Trailhead.Check out this app to help track your employees' trailhead activity 

Day 24. With Salesforce Essentials, small businesses can quickly get up & running! Check out ProposalForce, it is perfect for Small Businesses to manage their RFPs repeatably!

Day 25. We love helping Trailblazers learn new technology. Einstein Analytics Learning Adventure walks you through best practice examples for designing just the right visualizations. Get it here 

Day 26. Simple Visits Reports provides a simple way of tracking visit. Explore this app while checking out all of the Cyber Monday deals 

Day 27. The heart of Labs is employees giving back to this Salesforce Ohana by creating free open-source solutions that Trailblazers can use to solve problems, learn from and be inspired to create their own masterpiece.

Day 28. Help employees be inspired with Innovation Hub. Encourage and foster innovation in a community for your users. Get it on the AppExchange here

Day 29. Employees will thank you for installing myV2MOM to help drive alignment across the company. Get it now on the AppExchange  Check out the Trailhead module to learn how to launch a V2MOM program

Day 30. Becka Dente shares her gratitude of Salesforce Labs "I remember discovering Salesforce Lab apps shortly after the AppExchange was launched. It felt like I had discovered a treasure trove of goodness. all these useful apps - for FREE!"

Sharon Klardie is a Salesforce Labs Evangelist for AppExchange, Salesforce.
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