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Maximize the Feel-Good Factor to Create Experiences

In the Age of the Customer, when competitors are a tap away, the same products are sold everywhere, and features are copied in the blink of an eye, customer experience is increasingly the primary means for businesses to differentiate and to thrive. Events like Dreamforce showcase and celebrate the new ideas and technology that are enabling ever-more powerful tools for brands to deliver competitive customer experiences. But, ultimately, these tools serve people — emotional, busy, distracted, demanding people.

That’s why NewVoiceMedia (NVM) puts people before tech for better conversations. We’re passionate about helping companies outcompete on CX by thinking less about interactions and transactions and more about conversations that best serve people, be they customers or agents. In fact, we see customer experience as a series of conversations, driving actions and reactions from a company to its customers, or prospects, and back. Whether it’s fixing a problem, navigating the journey to purchase, or getting more out of what customers have bought, people want to achieve tasks, do them quickly and be confident and happy with the outcomes. The NVM solution focuses on enhancing the human experience While digital interactions are on the rise, the role of the agent will be even more heightened in the era of customer empowerment.

Put simply: the better the conversation, the better the experience.

How we make every conversation great

From sales to service, real-time customer data is the DNA for every great conversation. Our solutions are 100 percent designed to unleash the capabilities of the Salesforce CRM platform, providing sales and service agents just what they need to effortlessly do what they do best: have more personal conversations that delight.

Using customers’ existing channels, NVM helps orchestrate inbound and outbound conversations that flow without frustration, wherever and whenever customers want — freeing them from repeating themselves. And we make it possible for customers to seamlessly flit from any channel to a great voice conversation that can simplify complex tasks and forge strong, lasting emotional connections.

It’s an approach that extends to AI. We support agents with chatbots – including Einstein Bots – to take care of a growing repertoire of tasks. But we make sure those bots are smart enough to recognize when it’s time to hand off to a human agent. Additionally, as expectations are constantly changing, we provide the AI tools to quickly and continually improve best practices.

Four pillars of great conversation

We’ve got conversation down to a science, focusing on four pillars.

Great conversations are people-first; tech-second. Our cloud contact center platform puts people at the heart of CX, with the right tools and data, just when agents need them. The NVM Platform enables agents to be their best, focus on the customer and build emotional connections. It makes cold calls warmer, difficult conversations easier and CX more exceptional.

Great conversations are personal. With unrivaled integration with Salesforce/CRM platforms, all your customer data, including the customized gems that provide a real CX difference, are always updated in real time. The data is at its most powerful, ready for agents to effortlessly use, even when conversations change channels. You can build an army of best-sellers and prize-winning service providers with smart, data-rich tools like our dialer and personalized IVR, integrated in the familiar CRM environment, to have more great conversations faster.

Great conversations flow effortlessly. Businesses should not have to choose between their CRM and contact center solutions to enable conversations to seamlessly flow across channels to deliver a consistent experience.  At Dreamforce, NVM can show you the value of providing an omni-channel experience in concert with Salesforce’s digital channels and complete visibility of the customer journey irrespective of the channel of interaction.

Great conversations get better every time.  Enabling seamless, real-time management of your people and resources, as well as local, regional and global reporting abilities, can help you keep making great decisions.  It also allows you to use your data and analytics to instantly drive up the conversation quality and fine tune conversations to get better over time.

NewVoiceMedia, a Vonage Company, is a leading global provider of cloud contact center software that’s designed specifically for Salesforce. 

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