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8 Salesforce Labs Highlights from 2018

2018 was an amazing year filled with new adventures, and of course new Salesforce Labs solutions to share. Thank you to our customers, partners, and employees for a wonderful year and for continuing to help shape the Salesforce Labs Program.

The team is in planning mode for 2019 and we are looking forward to connecting with all of you in meaningful ways and sharing fantastic creations from Salesforce employees. Part of planning forward is looking back, below are eight highlights from 2018.

You can see all of the Labs solutions launched in 2018 here.

8. Solving problems

We love Labs solutions that help Trailblazers solve problems and CMTD Enhanced Related List does just that! This is also the #NewSalesforceLabAlert solution that was the most popular Tweet in 2018. This powerful Lightning Component makes it easy for you to configure the fields you want to show on a page based a criteria, such as Case status = 'Closed'. It can also help you create filterable related lists on a page, thus making it possible to select the fields you want to show in your related lists. To see this Labs app in action, check out this blog from Jeroen Burgers.

Twitter Post

CMTD Enhanced Related List

7. You Love Reporting and Dashboard Labs Solutions

Everyone understands the importance of quality metrics. With Lab solutions, customers have gained insight and saved time by installing —and then customizing — for their organization's specific needs. Check out these popular reporting solutions:

Data Quality Dashboard

Salesforce Adoption Dashboard

Case Deflection reporting for Lightning Communities

6. Events

You shared stories about the impact of Lab solutions. You gave well wishes for future Labs at a number of events, and we loved every minute of it. The Labs team attended the most events yet in 2018 with two user groups, one community conference, four World Tours, and Dreamforce sharing 50+ solutions. If you are interested in the Labs team presenting at an event (virtual or in person) please let us know here and we will explore what is possible.

5. Open Source

Enabling learning and customization is one of the core elements of the Salesforce Labs program. This past year brought a number of new repositories in our GitHub account. Check out the 70+ GitHub repos here to learn how these Labs solutions were built. Or, be inspired and extend a Lab solution to make your own creation!

4. New Product Innovations

The AppExchange launched three new types of solution this year, and Labs was right there to to help. You can find Lab's solutions for Flow, Quip Live apps, and Bots. Customers are using these solutions to extend Salesforce, explore new technologies, and learn about the possibilities with free solutions built by employees.

Flow Solutions

Quip Live Apps


3. New Apps Admins Loved

With over 40 new Lab solutions created this past year, it's hard to pick just a few to highlight, but theses three solutions rose to the top of the list for admins. They're having fun exploring the possibilities with these:

Profile & Permission Set Helper



2. Reading your Reviews

Mark Tossell shared that Einstein Analytics Learning Adventure is a “Fantastic learning aid. This app is a wonderful resource for novices and experts alike. A++++”. Einstein Analytics Learning Adventure is a fun, hands-on Labs solution where you can learn best practices for Einstein Analytics. We love hearing from customers using Labs solutions and customers love reading them. Please consider sharing your reviews of the Lab solutions you've installed.

1. Connecting with You!

Hearing how Labs is making a difference — from learning new features to solving problems and inspiring new masterpieces on the platform — makes this program special and our jobs insanely fun. Between Twitter, AppExchange reviews, World Tours, community events, and Dreamforce, we have loved having the opportunity to connect with so many Trailblazers this past year. We can't wait to see the innovation that 2019 brings.

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Sharon Klardie is a Salesforce Labs Evangelist for AppExchange, Salesforce.
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