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A Helpful List of AppExchange Solutions by Industry

AppExchange has ready-to-install solutions that can extend Salesforce into your industry. Whether you’re in financial services, manufacturing, retail, or another industry, there are a diverse array of solutions to check out. Currently, there are 12 curated industry collection pages on AppExchange, all are filled with apps built by partners, who bring deep industry knowledge and experience.

Here’s a look at these 12 categories, with more to come.


Use communication solutions to give customers, reps, agents, and retailers a more personalized experience—and all the information they need. These apps unify the prospect journey by creating seamless conversations with prospects across every channel, using intelligence to prioritize leads and next best actions to keep prospects engaged, and optimizing for the tactics that convert insights into action.

And it doesn’t stop there. AppExchange solutions combined with Marketing Cloud lets you personalize every marketing interaction, while Sales Cloud increases prospect conversion, and Einstein optimizes every touch at every stage of the sale.

Check out the collection, including solutions from Zuora, Full Circle Insights, Vlocity more.

View communications solutions >>


The sky's the limit with better learning. Tap into education solutions to engage effectively with students, parents, faculty—even recruitment and alumni relations.

Become a connected campus with education-base solutions from partners such as WealthEngine, Riva, iWave and more.

View education solutions >>


Financial Services

Deliver smart, integrated experiences that connect your teams and help them focus on what's important — serving their customers' needs. With financial services solutions, you’ll activate customer relationships, source, prioritize, and act on referrals directly from customers and lines of business.

Streamline all areas of your business by driving the right activities in-branch and in the field with intelligent, actionable insights.

Check out financial services apps from partners such as SmartComm, Fonteva Events, MapAnything and more.

View the education collection >>


Government solutions enable you to build responsive and stronger connections between citizens, employees, and government services. You’ll accelerate mission delivery, leaving

legacy IT systems and costly maintenance behind.

Transform your infrastructure and better serve your constituents by speeding access to information, simplifying workflows, and communicating better internally and externally. Count on top industry compliance standards, including FedRAMP.

Take a look at government solutions from GovProcure, Nintex, TaskRay and more.

View the government collection >>

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Transform patient care with healthcare solutions. Connect conversations, devices, processes, services, and patient healthcare data in a whole new way. You’ll ensure faster, more accurate resolution for every patient inquiry, connect agents to all relevant patient information, and even increase efficiency with automated workflows and AI-powered recommendations.

Get started with healthcare and life sciences solutions from Hello Sign, Conga Contracts, Elton Equipment Location Tracking, and more.

View the healthcare and life sciences collection >>


Employ manufacturing solutions that drive productivity and streamline each step of customer purchase, production, and product delivery. You’ll ensure partners have the right training to sell and service your products better, resolve product issues faster with optimized job scheduling, increase first-time fix rate, and deliver transparent order fulfillment with easy tracking and reordering.

Check out Simple Quote Invoice Order from Labs, Accounting Seed, Mavenlink and more

View the manufacturing collection >>


Boost revenue with media solutions that reach the audience you want to reach with the media you want to use. Bridging the gap between the content you make, and the fans who consume it, is key to marketing can’t-miss content that drives more revenue. This solution is creating personalized 1-to-1 marketing journeys, enriching audience insights, and building communities of interest around your content.

Media solutions from Adpoint, Advendio, MediaTrak by Bluewolf and more can help.

View the media collection >>


Get nonprofit solutions to fundraise more effectively, streamline the back office, even run advocacy campaigns. You’ll get a complete view of client, supporter, member, volunteer, and affiliate interactions, collaborate across all parties to make the case for more giving, and get a complete view of all involved.

Boost your fundraising efforts with solutions from FormAssembly, Click and Pledge, GiveClarity and more.

See the nonprofit collection >>

Professional Services

Find professional services solutions to collaborate more effectively as well as streamline all aspects of your business. Teamwork wins on this path.

Try apps from Kimble Professional Services, FinancialForce PSA, Mission Control project management and more.

View professional services collection >>

Real Estate

Ready for blazingly fast property sales? Manage your business with real estate solutions to keep you ahead of the game by monitoring every stage of the sales cycle.

Apps from Webmerge, Booker25, PropertyBase and more can help.

View the real estate collection >>


Get retail solutions to erase the boundaries between physical and digital storefronts with greater service and customer personalization. Solutions from SessionM, ICIX, Fujitsu GloviaOM and more can help.

See the retail collection >>

Travel, Transportation and Hospitality

Transform experiences for a new age of travel, such as inspiring more bookings; providing smarter, more personalized support; and building loyalty with travelers to keep them coming back. From handling complex inquiries in real time to providing personalized and proactive service, find out how AppExchange solutions can help you make transportation a seamless end-to-end customer experience.

Take a look at solutions from Amadeus Smart Trip, Neurored Supply Chain Management, Fright Trans Manager, and more.

See the travel, transportation and hospitality solutions >>

If you don’t see your industry in the list of industry collection pages, that doesn’t mean we don’t have any solutions for your industry. Use the intelligent search bar and type in keywords from your industry to find solutions that are fit for you.

Amanda Nelson is Director of Community Marketing at Salesforce AppExchange.
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