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Your October 2020 AppExchange Briefing

This month, we’re covering tips to help business leaders drive predictability in uncertain times, four approaches to shape a successful AppExchange strategy, and 12 AppExchange solutions that are so good it’s SCARY. 

Achieving Project Success on Salesforce: Tips & Best Practices

Salesforce is likely already your platform for customer success. Discover how extending Salesforce with AppExchange solutions can also make it the anchor to drive project success.

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Better Together: How a BPM and Salesforce Integration can Benefit Your Business

Read about how, with a little help from solutions found on the AppExchange, you can integrate your BPM software with Salesforce to unlock growth and collaboration within your organization.

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Driving Predictability In Unpredictable Times: Three Tips for Business Leaders

Here are three valuable principles that can help business leaders to build predictability and improve employee satisfaction in unpredictable times.

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13 Reporting Solutions by Salesforce Labs to Get Started Fast

Explore these 13 free Salesforce Labs dashboards, each built by Salesforce employees, that can help you start to manage your data in a hurry. 

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AgentSync: Lemonade Insurance Customer Spotlight

Discover how integrating AgentSync with Salesforce led to Lemonade Insurance saving $130,000 in one year in addition to achieving significant reductions in time spent onboarding.

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My AppExchange Story | How FineMark Bank Innovates with Apps

In this episode of My AppExchange Story, Trailblazer Kim Wargo shares how she has helped FineMark Bank to achieve massive success with Salesforce and AppExchange solutions.

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How a Next-Gen Access Company Delivers Relevant CX with SearchUnify and Salesforce

Read about how Idaptive was able to bring a more immersive and relevant customer experience by integrating SearchUnify, a solution available on the AppExchange, with Salesforce.

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4 Tips to Shape Your AppExchange Strategy

Here are four proven approaches that successful companies adopt as part of their AppExchange strategy to broaden the capabilities of their Salesforce org. 

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3 Things SaaS Leaders are Doing to Keep Their Business Moving

We’ve compiled three things you should be thinking about to keep your business moving forward on a daily basis. Read on to learn how other SaaS executives are implementing these key takeaways.

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Emergency and Crisis Response Charity Tackles COVID-19 with Salesforce and Magentrix

RE:ACT, an emergency and crisis response organization, had to act fast when COVID-19 struck. We caught up with the organization’s Head of Technology to learn how Salesforce and AppExchange solutions helped RE:ACT to help others.

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Laurentide Controls: Commercient SYNC Spotlight

Discover how the largest provider of automation in Eastern Canada optimized its sales process and increased revenues by integrating Commercient SYNC with Salesforce. 

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The Exchange: Fall 2020

In our fall 2020 issue of The Exchange, you’ll read about how our community is finding comfort in everyday activities and in each other, plus so much more. 

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4 Things to Consider When Integrating a Marketing Platform with Salesforce

Read about the four crucial things you’ll want to consider before integrating a marketing platform with Salesforce.

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FineMark Bank Enables eSigning for its High-Profile Clientele with DocuSign and Salesforce

Read about how FineMark Bank and Trust implemented electronic signing capabilities and streamlined the agreement process with DocuSign eSignature and DocuSign CLM, solutions available on the AppExchange.

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Behind the App: A Closer Look at Salesforce Labs Creators & Solutions

Dive into this recap of Behind the App - the monthly Trailhead Live series that takes a deep dive into Labs solutions and the creators behind them.

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Meeting Compliance Requirements in Less Than 30 Minutes With Salesforce AppExchange

Learn about why complying with GDPR and similar regulations is vital for businesses, and how solutions found on the Salesforce AppExchange can help.

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How to Improve Data Visibility and Department Efficiency with Salesforce and Apps

This insightful blog post offers a look at how you can improve data visibility and department efficiency with Salesforce and AppExchange apps.

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Get a Piece of the Salesforce Cake: Designing a Solution

This blog takes a closer look at what it takes to build a Salesforce Solution, and how doing so is surprisingly similar to building an expertly crafted (and delicious) cake.

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Graymont Medical Increases Appointments to New Moms by 367% with AppExchange

Read the inspiring story of how Graymont Medical managed a 367% increase in appointments, without having to increase staff, with Salesforce and AppExchange solutions.

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12 AppExchange Solutions That Are So Good It’s SCARY

Here at the AppExchange, we’ve decided to celebrate Halloween by highlighting some AppExchange solutions that are so good it’s SCARY.

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15 Winning AppExchange Apps Chosen By Salesforce Customers

We asked Trailblazers to share the AppExchange solutions they use to achieve their goals and extend Salesforce. From e-signature to data rollups, financial services to food services, here are these customers’ winning picks.

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The Economic Impact of COVID-19

Check out these highlights and key takeaways from our conversation with Deloitte’s US Executive Chair of the Board, Janet Foutty, who shared her perspective on leading during a crisis. 

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