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Integrate and Automate Across Any System with Solutions From MuleSoft

It is to every business’ advantage to think about how to integrate systems, applications, and data. However, integrating and connecting different systems can be complicated. MuleSoft’s marketplace, Anypoint Exchange, has hundreds of pre-built solutions to help make integration easier and faster across any third-party apps and systems. By turning complex systems and business processes into composable APIs, you will be able to build and create connected customer experiences faster.


There are three types of solutions on Anypoint Exchange that can help with connecting your systems together: connectors, templates, and accelerators.

MuleSoft Connectors are pre-built, drag-and-drop components that help users connect to a specific third-party app/system. Connectors simplify the configuration and offering operations rather than needing to deal with the complexity and technical details involved with connecting to a system.

>> See MuleSoft Connectors

MuleSoft Templates are pre-built applications for connecting two systems together, usually leveraging multiple connectors or processors, supporting the deployment of a common use case.

>> See MuleSoft Templates

MuleSoft Accelerators are a collection of technical assets and documentation to accelerate implementation of multiple use cases supporting a larger business and/or industry problem.

>> See MuleSoft Accelerators

No matter how complicated, MuleSoft Anypoint Exchange has pre-built solutions to help you more easily connect any system or app together.

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Irene Hu is an Associate Product Marketing Manager on the AppExchange Marketing Team
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