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Automate Key Industry Workflows with Process Libraries

There has never been a more pressing need for automation across all areas of business and industries. Automation has the ability to help every employee take the mundane tasks out of their day to day and focus on what matters: the customer. Salesforce Process Libraries can help you automate workflows and processes faster.

Process libraries are pre-built, customizable key workflows so you don’t need to start building from scratch. They are based on industry best practices and can be downloaded on demand, allowing you to quickly deploy them to accelerate your digital transformation and reduce the time and effort spent on workflow design and implementation.

There are over 500 process libraries available across six different industries: communications, energy & utilities, insurance & financial services, health, public sector, and media & entertainment.

You can find them on the Vlocity Success Community. You must be logged in with your Vlocity account to access the process libraries portal and will only have access to industries that are licensed to your account.

Get started with process libraries here.

>>Go to the Einstein Automate Collection Page.<<

Irene Hu is an Associate Product Marketing Manager on the AppExchange Marketing Team
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