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Meet Trailblazer Adam Olshansky

Since his first exposure to Salesforce in 2014, Salesforce MVP Adam Olshansky has been fueled by a passion for learning and sharing knowledge with others. Blazing his own trail to his #dreamjob at Google as a Salesforce engineer, Adam continues to be an active member of the Salesforce community, and being 14x certified, follows his own personal motto of “never stop learning.” 

How did you get involved with Salesforce?

Mostly luck. I got a promotion at my first job, and it just happened to involve working with Salesforce. I immediately got hooked and never looked back!

What are five words to describe your feelings about Salesforce?






Do you remember the first time you used AppExchange?

Probably from the very beginning of my experience with Salesforce, back in 2014.

What AppExchange app do you find yourself using time?

Every time I get a new org, I love running Field Trip to see where I can immediately reduce clutter.

What's your favorite place you've traveled to?

A couple of years ago, I spent about a week in Rome. Between the food, the architecture, and the history, it was incredible!

What is your favorite series?

The Office or Parks and Rec.

Who do you consider as your mentor or idol?

Ever since I got into Salesforce, David Liu has been one of my biggest mentors/idols! I’m honored to be able to call him a co-worker now.

What does being a Trailblazer mean to you?

It means building on the success of others to achieve your own success — and then ensuring that others are able to follow you as well to continue the cycle of success. When we all achieve together, the collective group is even stronger.

Any advice for other Trailblazers?

Believe in yourself, learn from the mistakes of others, and once you’ve reached the top of the mountain (or even somewhere in the middle), don’t forget to grab the hand of the person behind you and lift them up to where you are. 

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Holly Rushton is Senior Manager of Content Marketing at AppExchange.
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