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Your May 2020 AppExchange Briefing

This month, we're covering how solutions on the AppExchange are helping to facilitate financing to small businesses, how one Salesforce employee built four AppExchange solutions, and the impact that the Salesforce Partners are having on the fight against cancer.

MIMIT Health Saves Valuable Time During COVID-19 with Bridge Connector

We spoke with Brennan Mason, Chief Marketing Officer at Bridge Connector, to learn more about how the solution - built on the Salesforce Platform - is helping an independent physician group to save time...and lives.

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WaFd Bank Gets Money to Small Businesses in Need During COVID-19 with nCino

Read the story of how financial institutions are leveraging AppExchange partner nCino’s online SBA Lending Solution to efficiently and digitally provide financing to small and mid-sized businesses.

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How to Pivot Your Business with Advice From Four Successful Entrepreneurs

We sat down with successful entrepreneurs in the Salesforce ecosystem to learn about their journey, and insights you can apply to the complex situation we are all facing today.

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Salesforce Trailblazing Entrepreneurs: What's the Formula for a Successful Business?

Watch six founders of companies in the Salesforce ecosystem share insights they've learned along their journey to building successful businesses.

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Customers Continue Employee Training During COVID-19 with Spekit

Read our conversation with Spekit’s CEO and co-founder Melanie Fellay to learn more on how technology can — and is — helping customers maintain productivity, communication, and training in a work-from-home world.

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Here’s How One Salesforce Employee Built 4 AppExchange Apps

Read our inspirational conversation with Jessie Rymph, the Success Content Specialist on the Customer Adoption Team at who built 4 AppExchange apps.

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How to Navigate the Customer Experience Space

Explore why customer experience is the new battleground for business differentiation — and how companies like yours can compete.

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Uniting a Team Around a Common Goal Offers Limitless Potential

Discover the story of how Candoris Founder and Chief Accountability Officer Stephan Van Der Ploog approached establishing a digital solutions company as an opportunity to develop guiding principles in new territory.

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A COVID-19 Testing Lab Launches at UC Berkeley with the Salesforce Platform and Third Wave Analytics

We talked to Chris Gawronski, VP of the commercial organization at Third Wave Analytics about Salesforce, his technology, and what Berkeley and International Gemological Institute (IGI) sought to do during COVID-19.

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How Partners and Customers Are Innovating Together During COVID-19

Read Woodson Martin’s article about how powerful innovators who work together with customers to make meaningful, virtual connections.

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Maximizing Your Salesforce Investment Through Integration

Read about how businesses adopting Salesforce use it as an opportunity to meet their business needs quickly, avoiding familiar IT constraints of bottlenecks and priorities.

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Sharing Critical Information to Employees from Home with Improved Apps

We spoke with Simon Thompson, CEO and Co-Founder of Improved Apps, to learn how companies are keeping their remote teams engaged and organized with a repository of embedded help. 

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Why Retail Needs a Storefront for Headless Commerce

Check out how headless commerce unlocks the agility to keep pace with your customers, their always-rising expectations, their demand for new channels, and their ever-evolving shopping behavior. 

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Amidst a Global Pandemic, the Fight Against Cancer Does Not Stop

Discover the story of how the Salesforce culture inspires us all to give back and improve the state of the world - plus read about the impact that the Salesforce Partners are having on the fight against cancer.

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North Carolina Town Pilots Virtual Fire Inspection During COVID-19 with Box

Read our conversation with Scott Porter, VP of Business Development at Box, about how Cary, North Carolina made a seamless transition to working remotely with Salesforce and Box. 

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Einstein Prediction Builder: How Do You Quantify the Value of Your Predictive Model?

Explore the Einstein Prediction Builder Model Accuracy template, an Einstein Analytics powered solution to help you visualize how your model performs in a business-friendly way.

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18 Leadership Lessons Learned from 18 Years at Salesforce

Mike Wolff, SVP, Global ISV Partners at Salesforce, shares his 18 leadership lessons that he’s learned over his 18 years at the company. 

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How a Nonprofit Continues to Help Families by Using AppExchange Apps

Read about how Edima and her team are continuing to pursue their mission and help families and children during this pandemic. It’s all part of their plan. And it’s all using technology.

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Inspire Your Networks to Start Their Salesforce Story

Discover how you can leverage the Salesforce community and inspire others to make an impact in their local community. 

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How to Save Time with Web Forms and Salesforce

Read about how you can streamline your web forms by integrating them with your Salesforce org, and discover other best practices to help you make the most of your data.

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UK Hospitals Use Salesforce and Sirenum to Combat Fatigue, Ensure Safety During COVID-19

To learn more about how NHS Foundation Trust is leveraging Sirenum, a solution built on the Salesforce platform, to manage workforce fatigue, we spoke with Sirenum co-founder, Joshua Pines. 

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