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Your July 2020 AppExchange Briefing

This month, we’re covering how solutions built on the Salesforce platform are being used to optimize COVID-19 testing procedures, how an entrepreneur grew a business to $100M in revenue in less than five years, and how a food bank is managing to feed over 500,000 people every month. 

BioReference Labs Run COVID-19 Testing Sites More Efficiently with Skedulo and Salesforce

Read the story of how BioReference Labs, a clinical laboratory company, is working together with Salesforce and Skedulo to make COVID-19 testing sites more efficient, effective, and secure.

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The Secret Weapon in Your Support Arsenal That You’re Not Even Using

Discover the highly valuable asset your company is currently sitting on, and how it can be utilized to dramatically improve the quality of the support experiences you’re offering to customers.   

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Pawsitive News: Two Friends Built an AppExchange App to Help Animal Shelters

Read the pawsome story of Stewart Anderson and Chris Rolfe, two old friends and colleagues, coming together to create a free solution that helps animal shelters manage animals, treatments, conditions, housing, and more.

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5 Ways Service and Sales Management Can Shift the New Normal to the New Successful

Here are five innovative ways that you, your organization, and your team leaders can boost service and sales performance - even as your company transitions to a new normal in a changing environment.

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Chrysalis Uses Skuid and Salesforce to Accelerate COVID-19 Data Tracking

Chrysalis, a care organization that provides support and opportunities for those with intellectual disabilities, turned to AppExchange partner Skuid to stay agile during COVID-19. We spoke with Skuid’s CEO, Ken McElrath, to learn more.

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The Exchange: Summer 2020

In the latest issue of The Exchange, the AppExchange digital magazine, we celebrate how our community continues to thrive during times of crisis by helping and empowering one another — whether supporting healthcare workers, standing up for equality, or helping someone learn new skills. 

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Three Steps to Successful Business Forecasting

Read about the three steps organizations can take to leverage a business forecast management system and help bring results through accountability and accuracy.

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Employee-Built Apps to Support Admins During COVID-19

The AppExchange team asked Salesforce Admins how they’re feeling and what challenges they are currently facing. Based on the responses, we put together a collection of Salesforce Labs solutions they can explore to battle those challenges head-on. 

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Lightning Web Components: Build Once, Use Everywhere

Nicolas Pouilloux & co-author Kevin Reece, two Tech Evangelists, explain what Lightning Web Components is, how it works, and how it can be used directly in core products such as Sales and Service Cloud, but also in App Cloud (Platform) and Community Cloud. 

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The Story of the Li’l Trailblazers Book Club

Read the story of a pawsome virtual book club that has grown from 5 kids to about a dozen participants, ranging in age from 7 to 12, from Florida, Tennessee, Texas, Arizona, and California.

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World’s Oldest Printing Press Manufacturer Stays at the Forefront of Innovation with Salesforce and SightCall

Discover how Koenig & Bauer, a manufacturer and owner of the oldest printing press in the world, turned to AppExchange partner SightCall to provide visual press support to all of their customers. 

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How This Entrepreneur Grew a Company to $100M in Revenue in Less Than Five Years

We spent time talking with David Schmaier of Vlocity, an industry-specific cloud and mobile software business, about the key elements that lead to the entrepreneur growing his company to $100M in revenue in less than five years. 

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How I Learned to Drive Engagement and Deliver Value While Running a 3-Month Program 100% Online

Read about how Salesforce Accelerate, a tailored program for ISV AppExchange partners, transitioned to 100% online but still managed to drive engagement and deliver value to its participants. 

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Launching a Storefront for Headless Commerce with Salesforce B2C Commerce

Discover how a storefront for headless commerce can give you confidence in one of your biggest revenue drivers and the flexibility to create customized experiences that differentiate your brand.

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How Second Harvest Food Bank Feeds Over 500,000 During COVID

Read about how Second Harvest of Silicon Valley went from feeding 270,000 people in February to now feeding over 500,000 people every month, and the challenges and solutions they’ve discovered along the way. 

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The Role of Technology in Helping and Empowering Brands As We Look to the Future

Learn about how emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning will play an increasingly important role in the evolving relationship between brands and consumers, and how your organization can capitalize on it.

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