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Your September 2020 AppExchange Briefing

This month, we’re covering how a rapidly growing insurance agency is leveraging an AppExchange solution, how technology is being used to bring communities together, and why business adaptability is more important now than ever before.

This Entrepreneur Shares Advice on Testing Hypotheses and Taking Risks

Read our conversation with Melanie Fellay, CEO and Co-Founder of the dynamic in-app digital enablement and learning platform Spekit, about how rapidly enterprise technology is evolving, and how entrepreneurs can capitalize on it. 

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AppExchange Mavericks: Bring the Relationship Back into CRM with PROLIFIQ

In this episode of AppExchange Mavericks, Salesforce MVP Joanna Iturbe chats with PROLIFIQ's President and CEO Vrahram Kadkhodaian on how customers can drive value with solutions that bring the most valuable selling motions back into Salesforce.

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4 Key Components Every Storefront for Headless Commerce Should Have

Read about why every storefront for headless commerce should have these four operational pieces baked in: scalability, performance, security, and automated monitoring.

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20 Consumer Goods Apps that Salesforce Customers Love (2020)

We’re highlighting 20 apps featured in our Consumer Goods App Guide that can help you drive consumer engagement, add agility to your operations, and satisfy consumers.

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Crisis Mode: How Technology Can Be Leveraged to Help Others

Pacific Point CEO Deena Tearney wrote about the incredible good coming from the COVID-19 crisis, and how our communities have pulled together and innovated in entirely new ways.

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Podcast: The Art of Fundraising

In the latest episode of Trailblazing Entrepreneurs, serial entrepreneur and investor Max-Michael Mayer, CEO, ISV App, shares how startups can find investors, raise funds, and achieve growth. 

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From C# Developer to Salesforce Developer: Why I Don’t Regret the Move

Read about the massive benefits of transitioning from C# developer to Salesforce developer, and discover some tips to help you make the move.  

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Rapidly Growing Insurance Agency Sustains Growth During COVID-19 with RingCentral and Salesforce

Read the story of Goosehead Insurance turning to RingCentral for Salesforce, a business communications solution available on the AppExchange, to effectively transition their employees to working from home. 

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Revitalize Teams, Reset Priorities, and Be More Proactive with These Two Steps

Discover how utilizing Salesforce’s V2MOM approach and building a .org for your business can revitalize your teams, reset priorities, and help your organization become more proactive.

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10 Marketing Cloud Apps That Deliver Personalized Experiences to Your Customers

Begin reaching and connecting with specific audiences by implementing these 10 solutions with Salesforce.

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These 4 Types of Surveys Help Salesforce Marketing Cloud Users Boost Conversions

Discover four types of surveys Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) users can implement to better understand customers and turn audience feedback into real revenue.

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Congratulations to the 2020 Forbes Cloud 100

This year, Forbes named 32 AppExchange partners and Salesforce Ventures portfolio companies to the Cloud 100. Read Woodson Martin’s congratulatory blog post. 

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PURELL Provides Essential Support to the Healthcare Industry with ProntoForms and Salesforce

For PURELL, keeping up the fight against COVID-19 also meant using every tool available — including AppExchange partner ProntoForms and Salesforce. Read the story. 

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Drive Salesforce Adoption with These 5 In-App Guidance Solutions

Check out these five Labs solutions designed to help admins onboard and share relevant information for new users.

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How These Two Entrepreneurs are Building a $1B Enterprise Software Company Entirely on Salesforce

Read our conversation with Kraig Swensrud and Sean Whiteley, Co-Founders of the conversational marketing platform Qualified, on how the entrepreneurs are building a $1B business. 

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How an AV Company is Helping its Sales Team Thrive with PROLIFIQ CRUSH and Salesforce

We caught up with Chris Majoros, Vice President of Client Development at Immedia, about how the company has utilized PROLIFIQ CRUSH to stay a step ahead of customer needs in an uncertain time. 

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The Power of Business Adaptability and The Art of The Pivot

We’ve all learned over the past eight months how important adaptability can be. Read about why the ability to pivot is more important than ever, and the ways you can achieve that flexibility. 

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Podcast: The Importance of Lifelong Learning

In the fifth episode of the Trailblazing Entrepreneurs podcast, entrepreneur Jaswinder Chadha, President and CEO of Axtria, shares how he turned his passion into a business. 

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Go for it: How Your Level of Commitment Determines Your Success

Phil Everhart, President and Founder of SmartFox Technologies, wrote about how one simple phrase can be the most valuable advice an entrepreneur can ever receive. 

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Measuring Cause and Effect: How Real-Time Forecasting Can Become A Superpower For Your Business

Read about how technology has recently enabled the ability to know what’s happening in the business in real-time — and how important it can be to make changes to your forecast based on your original budget.

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The Platform Chronicles: 10 Questions with Kamal Ahluwalia, President, Eightfold AI

We asked Kamal Ahluwalia, President of Eightfold AI, 10 questions to learn more about his entrepreneurial journey and the innovative AI-powered talent intelligence platform he’s created. 

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Better-for-You Food Brand Gets a Taste of Optimization, Innovation Working with the Salesforce Ecosystem

Read the story of how Beyond Better Foods, a multi-million-dollar developer and manufacturer of three better-for-you food brands, leverages Salesforce and AppExchange to manage massive growth. 

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