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Your February 2021 AppExchange Briefing

This month, we’re covering 11 Black Entrepreneur-led startups that have joined the Salesforce Accelerate, an ebook full of insights from customers on a challenging year, and how Rolls-Royce uses AppExhange apps to keep flying.

The 11 Black Entrepreneurs on Their Journey with Salesforce Accelerate

During Black History Month, we were honored to announce that 11 Black Entrepreneur-led startups have joined the Salesforce Accelerate. Learn about the startups and entrepreneurs.

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Inspiring Insights From Our Year Inside ebook

Explore this pawsome ebook to learn about how customers have turned a year inside into a year full of possibilities, potential, and growth. 

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Using Behavioral Science to Nudge Your Customers Toward Success

Discover how, through a variety of techniques and tactics, behavioral science can be used to nudge your customers toward success - and how AppExchange apps can help. 

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Re-examining the Decision-making Process to Improve Strategic Outcomes

More than ever, business stakeholders need confidence that the decision-making process is carefully considered and well understood by all. Read about how AppExchange apps can help. 

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24 Apps that Led to Pandemic Superpowers in 2020

Discover the 24 AppExchange apps helped customers pivot, respond, transform, and thrive in a very unusual 2020.

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Flux Capacity and Solomo Customer Spotlight

Discover why Solomo, a company that helps its customers get the most out of technology, turned to Flux Capacity, a resource management app on the AppExchange, to better manage growth.  

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9 Award-Winning Salesforce Labs Solutions

Out of 93 new Salesforce Labs solutions launched over the last 12 months, these 9 are the ones that brought home the awards.

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60 Seconds With Highspot

In this “60 Seconds With” video with Highspot, we answer one very important question for sales leaders: How can you ensure that sales reps nail every conversation?

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How Rolls-Royce Soars into Success by Building an Aviation Community

We climbed aboard with Mark Goodhind, at Yocova/Rolls-Royce, and Will Lamb, Managing Director at VRP Consulting, to learn about their journey with Salesforce and AppExchange.

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SearchUnify and Rubrik Customer Spotlight

Rubrik needed unified access to relevant information. With SearchUnify, improved content findability led Rubrik to an elevated customer service experience. Learn more about the powerful partnership. 

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Highlighting Black-Owned Businesses on AppExchange

Here's a closer look at some of the Black-owned businesses featured on the new Black-owned businesses page, designed to give customers the ability to invest in underrepresented communities, and support racial equality and justice.

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Making Lemonade When Life Doesn’t Give You Lemons: Future Trailblazers Building Apps

Read the inspiring story of an all-girls school's students in Hawaii learning how to build Salesforce apps with a little help from a Salesforce partner. 

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The Platform Chronicles: 10 Questions with Alecia Brian, VP, Sales Operations, Transportation at Trimble Inc.

Read insights from Alecia Brian, VP at Trimble, Inc. regarding choosing a new supply chain planning app to transform the sales forecasting process.

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Ascent Solutions: Kulturra Payment Center Spotlight

For Ascent Solutions, needing to navigate through a number of different systems to invoice and accept payments from customers was an issue that needed solving. Enter: Kulturra Payment Center. Explore the powerful partnership. 

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10 Customers Share Their Favorite Free AppExchange Apps

They're free. They're customizable. They're built by Salesforce employees. Check out 10 customers’ favorite free AppExchange apps. 

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Unlocking the Door to Customer Retention and Growth

Why customer onboarding is critical for your software business' growth, and you can enable the best customer experience possible with AppExhange apps. 

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