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AppExchange Trusted Reviews: Sharing Knowledge

We all know that person. The person who’s always a step ahead. Hooked up. On-trend. The person who shares the best restaurant recommendations, the funniest memes, the most interesting podcasts. Maybe you’re that person.

This idea extends to our community of Trailblazers. Here, that person is always learning, always sharing knowledge, always giving back. With Trusted Reviews on AppExchange, it’s easy to spot the reviews contributed by this special group of Trailblazers.

What’s a trusted review?

Trusted reviews are reviews written by select Trailblazers: Trailhead Rangers, Salesforce MVPs, and AppExchange Top Reviewers. Trusted reviews are also time savers, helping you zero in on feedback from our community’s most active, knowledgeable, and helpful members. We indicate group membership with an icon next to the community member’s name.

Trailhead Rangers

Rangers are lifelong learners who have earned enough points and badges to reach the highest Trailhead rank. Currently, that bar is set at 50,000 points and 100 badges. Learn more about Trailblazer ranks, including eligibility criteria.

Salesforce MVPs

MVPs are community members who have been officially recognized by Salesforce for their expertise, leadership, and generosity. Learn more about the Salesforce MVP program, including eligibility criteria.

Top Reviewers

Top Reviewers are AppExchange community members whose contributions encourage conversation and help others make informed decisions. We don’t share exact eligibility criteria for Top Reviewer status. However, the more you engage with reviews on AppExchange, the more likely you are to earn Top Reviewer status. 

I’m currently a Trailhead Ranger or Salesforce MVP. Does an icon automatically appear on my reviews?

Yes. AppExchange automatically adds icons for the groups that you belong to. If you don’t see an expected icon, double-check that you meet the program’s eligibility requirements. Then, go to Settings and verify that your profile is public.

I recently became a Trailhead Ranger or Salesforce MVP. When does an icon appear on my reviews?

Congrats! 🥳 We update Ranger membership daily. In most cases, your icon appears in a day or two. We update MVP status annually in the month where new MVP members are announced.

I’m a member of two or more groups. Which icons appear on my reviews?

First, go you! 😸 Second, we show an icon for every group that you belong to. So if you’re a Salesforce MVP, a Trailhead Ranger, and a Top Reviewer, we show all three icons. Triple threat! 


Jochem Geerdink is Director of Product Management for Salesforce.
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