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AppExchange Industry Collection Pages

AppExchange is full of innovative solutions. To make it easier for you to find the perfect app for your business, we launched 12 industry-specific collections, each full of curated solutions that help companies in a specific industry solve business challenges.

Check out the collections below. 


This collection will be your guide to successful communication. Use communication solutions to give customers, reps, agents, and retailers a more personalized experience, and all the information they need to improve communications both internally and externally.

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Extend the power of Education Cloud with AppExchange solutions for higher education and K-12. This collection of apps was curated to assist and drive learner and institution success across the entire educational journey.

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Financial Services

Unlock the full power of your financial institution with this collection of apps. Deliver smart, integrated experiences that connect your teams and help them focus on what's most important — serving their customers' needs.

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Within the Government collection, all roads lead to empowered citizens. Find solutions to build responsive and stronger connections between citizens, employees, and government services. From translation apps to elearning systems, you’ll find what you need in this collection. 

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Healthcare & Life Sciences

Build and enable mountains of connected patient data with the apps in this collection.

Connect conversations, devices, processes, services, and patient healthcare data in a whole new way, and transform patient care with healthcare solutions. 

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The apps in this collection enable manufacturing companies to employ solutions that drive productivity and streamline each step of customer purchase, production, and product delivery. From territory mapping to inventory management, this collection is a manufacturer’s dream. 

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Find and build better-targeted audiences on this trail. If your business goal is to boost revenue, the solutions in this collection can ensure you reach the audience you want to reach, with the media you want to use.

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If you’re a nonprofit on a mission to help the common good, then this collection page was built for you. Get nonprofit solutions to fundraise more effectively, streamline the back office, even run advocacy campaigns with these curated apps. 

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Professional Services

Find professional services solutions to collaborate more effectively as well as streamline all aspects of your business. Teamwork wins on this path - let us provide the apps that enable the best teamwork possible. 

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Real Estate

Manage your business with real estate solutions to keep you ahead of the game by monitoring every stage of the sales cycle. This curated collection will help your real estate company convert and maintain blazingly fast property sales. 

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Get retail solutions to erase the boundaries between physical and digital storefronts with greater service and customer personalization. Elevate the customer experience with the apps in this innovative collection. 

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Travel, Transportation, and Hospitality

Discover solutions that can enable flexibility for travel companies, optimize transportation management for travel companies, and manage front and back-office operations for hospitality companies - all in one collection. 

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