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Your May 2021 AppExchange Monthly Briefing

This month, we’re highlighting the importance of AAPI Heritage Month throughout the ecosystem, how to leave a helpful review on AppExchange, and seven habits of highly effective Salesforce trainers.

Reinforcing and Strengthening IT Project Management to Maximize Efficiency

This blog post explores how companies can improve communication by establishing project timelines, goals, and responsibilities - with a little help from AppExchange apps.

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Talking AppExchange: HyreCar Speeds Ahead with Talkdesk

On this episode of Talking AppExchange, Salesforce's Senior Director of Partner Marketing, Latrice Barnett, chats with HyreCar's VP of Product, Drew Reynolds. 

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How to Leave a Helpful Review on AppExchange

The AppExchange is built on reviews from all different members of the ecosystem. This blog post explores how to write an impactful review and become a Top Reviewer.

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The Platform Chronicles: 10 Questions with Ray Grady, President and CEO, Conexiom

This issue of The Platform Chronicles introduces Ray Grady who is President and CEO at Conexiom. 

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How Rubrik Revolutionized Knowledge Discovery with Salesforce and SearchUnify

Explore the many challenges Rubrik has had to overcome in its brief but incredible history, and how integrating AppExchange apps with Salesforce has helped the company thrive. 

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60 Seconds With DESelect

On this pawsome episode of 60 Seconds With, we look at how DESelect helps customers segment in Marketing Cloud without SQL. 

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How a Biogas Producer Used Two AppExchange Apps to Manage Last Mile Supply Chain

To keep up with rapid growth and better manage field services, biogas company turned to Salesforce and AppExchange apps. Discover the story. 

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My AppExchange Story | How Santander UK Uses Apps to Make Banking Easier

Trailblazer Jonathan Holman discusses how his company leverages AppExchange apps to make banking easier for customers and colleagues, while ultimately building stronger relationships. 

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A Stage Dive into Salesforce Labs’ Virtual Demo Jam Series

This blog post includes an insightful recap of all the pawsome apps and topics from the Salesforce Labs Virtual Demo Jam Series. 

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Award-Winning Catalyst Consulting Group Drives Success with a Unique Blend of Expertise

In honor of Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month, we are proud to showcase Catalyst Consulting Group, an Asian-led Salesforce partner.

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How to ACTUALLY Motivate Your Team

This blog post explores how, in the midst of a global pandemic and a rapidly changing business landscape, companies have found ways to continue motivating their employees. 

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AAPI-owned Business Solutions

Explore this collection page featuring AppExchange apps created by Asian American and Pacific Islander-owned Salesforce partner companies. 

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Partner Innovation Award Winner Spotlight: How Specright Used Blockchain to Change the Game for the Supply Chain

The story of how a Salesforce AppExchange partner helped Grimmway Farms improve product and packaging data quality while increasing efficiency.

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5-Star App Reviews from AppExchange All-Stars and MVPs

From Amazon to Yelp to AppExchange, there’s no questioning the power of public feedback. Here are 5-star reviews of apps and consultants direct from AppExchange All-Stars and MVPs.

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What Does AAPI Heritage Month Mean to You? Here’s What AppExchange Partners Said

Dive into this blog post to explore Insights and takeaways from AAPI-owned businesses on AppExchange.

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8 Dashboards and Reports From Salesforce Labs to Add to Your Org

There are tons of dashboards and reports on the Salesforce Platform. Here are 8 free apps, available on the AppExchange, that we recommend you add to your Salesforce Org.

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EF Education First: Cloud Compliance Spotlight

By integrating the Cloud Compliance app with Salesforce, EF Education was able to achieve 100% compliance with privacy regulations, consolidation for customer opt-out preferences, and more. 

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7 Habits of Highly Effective Salesforce Trainers

Explore seven habits of highly effective Salesforce trainers that will help you drive adoption and be the hero of your organization.

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