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NEW! The Latest Apps on AppExchange

AppExchange partners are constantly building new, proven apps to help you extend Salesforce and work from anywhere. Check them out right here each week.

Below are recently launched apps from the week of Sept. 22 - 28, 2023.   

DMD is a document mess detector utilizing AI to become a document proofreader. New to AppExchange, this app lets you write document compliance rules in natural language, check if your organization’s documents conform to them, and monitors the accuracy of the AI using scheduled regression tests for free. 
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This new, easy-to-install app for Salesforce, helps you configure the email template with case type and case status from CaseAutoMail’s home section. This free app also allows that once a case is created with the configured fields, an email is composed automatically using your team’s approved email template. 
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Sculptor CPQ for Experience Cloud
Sculptor CPQ for Experience Cloud embeds Sculptor CPQ quote automation capabilities directly into partner portals. New to AppExchange, this solution also offers an intuitive, modern interface with all products and quotes on one screen, as well as powerful pricing automation, with hints and tips on pricing rules applied.
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Action:AI for Salesforce 
Looking for AI-powered automated actions and assistants? Empower your Salesforce organization with Action:AI and unleash the power of AI for intelligent actions to improve your business. This new app allows you to analyze inbound emails, data, and docs, automate processes, generate content, use ChatGPT and AI Record Editor, and more.
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Handwrytten makes it easy to send thank you notes, birthday cards, and other well wishes to your clients and contacts with quality cards, your words, and with pen and ink. New to AppExchange, this free app tracks all orders within Salesforce, and cards start at $3.25 plus postage with gift cards ranging from $5 -$250. 
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Quick Update Translations
New to AppExchange, this solution offers quick updates to custom labels, translations, field labels, help texts, object labels, tabs, labels, custom application translations, and more. In addition, Quick Update Translations allows you to review the app's functionality by checking a detailed app demo, for free. 
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SquareFinch is a new, revenue-based routing solution for Salesforce on AppExchange. This solution’s intelligent lead routing was specifically designed to increase sales productivity by helping you win more revenue from the same volume of leads. It also offers a 30-day, risk-free trial for all users. 
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LocatorX for Salesforce
LocatorX for Salesforce takes global real-time tracking and tracing to the next level with its intelligent IoT platform that provides a unique digital fingerprint for your product lifecycle, supply chain, and beyond. This new app also allows you to keep a virtual digital eye on packages so you know exactly where packages are through the final delivery.
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SysCloud Backup for Salesforce
Effortlessly protect your Salesforce data with automatic backup and restore it with object relationships intact with this new solution on AppExchange. SysCloud Backup for Salesforce gives you an intuitive dashboard to manage backups for all your organizations and superfast SOC-2-compliant backups for your data and metadata. 
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Want conversational AI for your healthcare organization? Hyro’s AI-powered communications suite, seamlessly integrated with Salesforce, helps you and your team automate routine patient interactions and workflows, maximizing agent productivity, cost reduction, and operational efficiencies while driving exceptional patient outcomes.
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Royal Cyber AWS Live Streaming Cartridge for B2C Commerce
This Salesforce commerce cloud cartridge is an implementation of the AWS Live Streaming service where the merchant can live stream the products on the product detail page in real-time. Royal Cyber AWS Live Streaming Cartridge for B2C Commerce is free and allows merchants to give live product demonstrations on respective product detail pages. 
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Matchbook AI Salesforce Connector 
Searching AppExchange for 3rd party data integration and intelligence? Through a partnership with Dun & Bradstreet, Matchbook now provides a comprehensive platform to support data cleansing, accurate matching based on proprietary algorithms, and access to high-quality enrichments required to support sales business functions.
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Royal Cyber ShareCart Cartridge for B2C Commerce
This custom cartridge is an implementation of the share cart functionality which handles sharing your cart/basket with another customer. Royal Cyber ShareCart Cartridge for B2C Commerce is free and offers cart-sharing functionality for all customers once an item is added to their basket from your storefront. 
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Blackthorn Storefront 
Blackthorn Storefront is a Salesforce-native eCommerce solution for creating and managing multiple online stores. New to AppExchange, this solution is an ideal fit for education institutions, nonprofits, and associations, and enhances the online shopping experience for all customer segments by connecting them with CRM-integrated marketing technologies. 
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Bloomreach Search and Discovery Cartridge for B2C Commerce
Bloomreach Search and Discovery Cartridge for B2C Commerce offers AI-powered search and discovery, driving rich merchandising insights infused with product recommendations and SEO. This new app also offers a broad feature set for solving e-commerce-specific challenges that are already productized so you don’t have to customize it yourself. 
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Royal Cyber 3D Cartridge for Salesforce B2C Commerce
This Salesforce commerce cloud cartridge is an implementation of the 3D Cartridge where the user can customize the products as per their needs. Royal Cyber 3D Cartridge for Salesforce B2C Commerce is also free for all AppExchange users. 
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Crownpeak CMS Composable Storefront for B2C Commerce
Crownpeak CMS Composable Storefront for B2C Commerce helps you engage and inspire your shoppers. New to AppExchange, this solution helps you craft relevant content experiences to enhance every moment, on any channel, and create and manage personalized content experiences across multiple channels that engage users, prompt action, and boost revenue.
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Royal Cyber Guided Shopping Cartridge for B2C Commerce
The functionality of this cartridge will allow the customer to filter the products through the customized search capabilities by using the wizard. Royal Cyber Guided Shopping Cartridge for B2C Commerce is free and the wizard can be embedded in any storefront page and offers guided shopping images that are configurable by the business manager.
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Aedon.Accounting combines CRM and finance to drive down costs, increase revenues, and offers all the customization that Salesforce enables. This new app’s financial management USPs include multi-company, recurring invoices, revenue recognition, bottom-up reporting, end-to-end automation of Rev Ops, and more. 
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PROXIUSS PROJECT+ is a comprehensive project management application on the Salesforce platform that serves as a single solution for project oversight, capacity planning, financial, and time tracking. New to AppExchange, it also helps you and your team start to maximize your project management productivity from day one. 
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Dynamic User Icon 
The Dynamic User Icon tool helps you enhance Salesforce user management, especially in larger organizations. This new solution goes beyond the checkbox, offering a more nuanced way to assess user activity, login patterns, and account status, improving overall efficiency, and does it all for free. 
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BHN Rewards Integrates With Salesforce 
BHN Rewards Integrates With Salesforce allows you to engage prospects and appease customers easily. This new app also helps you  build rapport and drive engagement with prospects and customers and enables your frontline reps to send digital rewards to customers and prospects directly in Salesforce, all while maintaining budget oversight. 
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Scope Better
Scope Better by The Virtu Group is a new, CPQ platform for professional services businesses, within industries like advertising agencies, IT services, management consultants, A&E, and legal firms. This new app is free and allows for new scopes to be created directly from Salesforce and existing scopes can be linked to opportunities.
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Bryj Mobile App Connector for B2C Commerce
Maximize e-commerce revenue with Bryj's Mobile App Connector for B2C Commerce. This new solution seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, capturing real-time cart data for AI-driven recovery of abandoned carts, and is Ideal for marketers aiming to boost conversions and ROI. It also syncs with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, leveraging existing data and infrastructure.
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Related Organization Component
Related Organization Component allows you to establish reciprocal relationships between all of your Salesforce Accounts. New to AppExchange, this free app offers a new option beyond traditional parent/child relations and allows you to relate same-level organization accounts with its easy-to-use toolset.
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​​​​​​Use these prebuilt apps to customize the way you do business. Check back next week or follow @appexchange on Twitter for the newest apps.

Amanda Matlock is a Content Writer at Salesforce AppExchange.
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