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NEW! The Latest Apps on AppExchange

AppExchange partners are constantly building new, proven apps to help you extend Salesforce and work from anywhere. Check them out right here each week.

Below are recently launched apps from the week of Sept. 15 - 21, 2023.   

This new, easy-to-install app on AppExchange helps you and your team transfer the asset record of one account to another account and easily transfer that record to another account by searching that account. MoveEase is free for all users and for user asset selection convenience also provides different filters like asset name, status, product, and more.
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C4 Nexus Shoppable Images Cartridge for B2C Commerce
C4 Nexus Shoppable Images Cartridge for B2C Commerce helps you elevate your visual content by seamlessly integrating the ability to purchase products straight from an image. New to AppExchange, this app uses intuitive tagging and hotspot creation to allow for a more engaging shopping experience for customers.
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EaseQuotePDF is an easy-to-install solution for Salesforce CRM users and allows them to generate quote documents with one click to submit of quote. This new app also helps users to configure which status they want to automate and generate PDFs. Best part? This app is free for all AppExchange users. 
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Super Payments Cartridge for B2C Commerce
Super Payments Cartridge for B2C Commerce is a payment provider that offers B2C commerce businesses fees, free payments, and customer refunds with no catches and no hidden charges. Free on AppExchange, settles all sales instantly and pays them daily and directly to your organization’s bank account with zero business fees. 
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Securities Based Lending for Advisors
Securities Based Lending (SBL) for Advisors enables financial advisors to identify SBL prospects, determine their borrowing power, initiate origination, and monitor SBL loan levels. This new solution can also accelerate prospecting with AI-based hyper-targeting capabilities, monitor loan levels to manage risk more effectively, and initiate the process from Salesforce. 
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Engaging Networks Salesforce Connector 
Bridge Salesforce to the Engaging Networks Digital Engagement platform with this flexible and customizable Salesforce Connector. New to AppExchange, this solution makes it easy for nonprofits to build and maintain personalized relationships with their donors and supporters and maximize impact and engagement through a suite of fundraising, advocacy, and email tools.
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Maica Alerts 
Maica Alerts is a generic and declarative alerts application solution for Salesforce allowing you to create alerts, bind these to any data objects, and define criteria for when they show and under which conditions. This new app also supports all Salesforce notification styles, including modals, toast messages, alerts, and more. 
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Want an intelligent checkout headless solution for B2C commerce? allows any media, publisher, advertising partner, and brand, to make any impression shoppable and open new channels with zero change to your website and no code onboarding for merchants. This new app is also compatible with Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Experience Cloud.
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Place Revenue for CPQ 
Place Revenue for CPQ is a RevOps platform purpose-built for Salesforce CPQ to power end-to-end revenue management. New to AppExchange, this solution helps you gain real-time visibility into revenue forecasts, revenue recognition scheduling, and deferred revenue down to the customer and transaction level.
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Pavilion ERP & Point-of-Sale
Pavilion ERP & Point-of-Sale is a one-stop ERP and point-of-sale solution for jewelry retail and wholesale stores. This new app allows you to move your entire jewelry store to the cloud, access your inventory from anywhere, and seamlessly connect to your website, Stuller, RapNet, eBay, QuickBooks, and more. 
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Rhythm Supplier Risk, Compliance & Performance Management
Rhythm Supplier Risk, Compliance & Performance Management’s enterprise-scale platform enables strategic sourcing, procurement, and supply chain teams to deliver predictable supplier compliance and performance through collaboration, data sharing, and actionable intelligence. This new solution also helps ensure product quality for all customers. 
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Shoppable Images for Headless by OSF Digital
Shoppable Images for Headless by OSF Digital narrows the path from browsing to purchase by enabling interactive shoppable tags on photos. With this new solution on AppExchange, your customers can view their favorite items in context, click on the product, and quickly add those items to their cart.
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Usage Analysis App
Usage Analysis App helps you and your teams reduce license expenditures by analyzing usage across Salesforce and AppExchange products. This new solution also allows you to measure usage by object creation, API calls, and logins, define alerts by type and product, as well as automate license reclamation.
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Looking for a private offer and co-sell automation platform for Cloud Marketplaces? SaaSify helps you bring operational efficiency for sellers and cloud desk team members by creating and managing co-sell opportunities and private offers with hyper-scale cloud marketplaces, including AWS, Azure, and GCP, all from within Salesforce.
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The Apteco platform brings analytics, visualization, and customer segmentation directly to your fingertips. This new solution on AppExchange helps you explore data in greater detail than ever before and create lists for highly targeted campaigns, all in one beautiful and easy-to-use workspace.
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Store Locator for Headless by OSF Digital
Store Locator for Headless by OSF Digital is a composable storefront-compatible application. This new app helps your customers discover the closest store, and its distance from their location, and store their credit card information and other related details using geolocation services offered by Salesforce Commerce Cloud.
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Coveo Cartridge for B2C Commerce
Improve the experience on your commerce storefront with AI-powered search, listings, navigation, and recommendations with Coveo Cartridge for B2C Commerce. New to AppExchange, this new app helps you get started with Coveo today and witness the positive impact on conversions and average order value.
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ThreatKey for Salesforce
ThreatKey for Salesforce addresses CRM misconfigurations to enhance security and provides detailed insights, recommends corrective actions, continuously monitors for errors, and surfaces issues in a centralized platform for triage and remediation. This new solution also provides comprehensive reports, with an explanation of the associated risks and potential impacts.
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Dynamic Dashboard & Filters
Dynamic Dashboard & Filters allows you and your team to filter summarized reports with charts at run time on the dashboard level. New to AppExchange, this solution also filters the report charts by attributes such as case status, opportunity stage, lead status, and more to help your organization become more efficient. 
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​​​​​​Use these prebuilt apps to customize the way you do business. Check back next week or follow @appexchange on Twitter for the newest apps.

Amanda Matlock is a Content Writer at Salesforce AppExchange.
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