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Your August 2021 AppExchange Monthly Briefing

This month, we covered how you can use AppExchange apps to enable voice integration within Salesforce, how Beyond Better Foods achieved 769% ROI with AppExchange apps, and we highlighted one of our favorite Trailblazers.

Demystify Escalation Management and Reshape Your Support Function with AppExchange Apps

To evaluate an AppExchange app that complements your business goals, it is essential to take a closer look at escalation management. This blog post will help.

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Using AppExchange Apps to Improve Your Speed-to-Lead

This blog post explores how 'speed-to-lead' can be one of your company's competitive advantages, and how AppExchange apps can help your company reach leads faster.

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Using AppExchange Apps to Enable Voice Integration Within Salesforce

Discover how AppExchange apps can help companies enable successful voice integration within Salesforce.

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Congratulations to the AppExchange Partners on the 2021 Forbes Cloud 100

As our way of saying congratulations to the AppExchange partners who made the list, this blog post highlights those pawsome partners and their AppExchange listings.

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BuyaCar: Natterbox Customer Spotlight

By integrating the Natterbox app with Salesforce, BuyaCar has been able to continuously improve the customer experience. This customer spotlight explains how.

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Tips From a Trailblazer: The Venture Capitalist Perspective

Nowi Kallen joined us on the Trailblazing Entrepreneurs podcast to break down the investment process, and share his advice on how founders can stand out from the crowd.

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A Smart Investment: How Beyond Better Foods Achieved a 769% ROI with AppExchange Apps

A newly released report from Nucleus Research highlights impressive outcomes and success Beyond Better Foods has experienced since incorporating AppExchange apps. This blog post recaps the report.

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5 Things I Learned in My First 30 Days at a Salesforce ISV

After the biggest professional change of her life, here's what Ruth Cawdron of ProvenWorks has learned so far.

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Business Builders To Know: Andreas Geiger’s Journey To Success

The CEO & Founder of Xotigo shares how AppExchange helped him turn his vision into a successful enterprise in this blog post.

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How an AppExchange App is Generating Opportunities for Customers Across Industries

This blog post will highlight the impact the ServiceEcho AppExchange app has had on a variety of companies across multiple industries, and explore how partnering with Salesforce helped enable that success.

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The Industry-Specific Apps Built by Salesforce Accelerate Grow Graduates

19 AppExchange Trailblazers completed the 9-week Salesforce Accelerate Grow program to craft their industry solutions and solve unique needs for Salesforce customers. This blog post highlights the apps those Trailblazers have built.

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AI and Your Data: How to Manage Duplicates More Accurately and Prevent Future Creation

This blog post explores the current strategies and tools — available on AppExchange — that help resolve duplicates inside Salesforce and make the case for AI to help.

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Get More Out of Salesforce Pardot With These 12 AppExchange Apps

This new Pardot collection on AppExchange brings apps together in a central location and improves their discoverability. Discover it in this blog post. 

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Our Favorite Trailblazers: Nadina D. Lisbon

Highlighting Nadina D. Lisbon, a 13x Certified Salesforce MVP who constantly gives back to the community and dreams of a life on the road.

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Increasing Speed to Lead with Round Robin Lead Assignments

To increase speed to lead, many organizations utilize round robin lead assignments. This blog post will explore what that means, how you can enable it, and how AppExchange apps can help.

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AppExchange Mavericks - Coveo's Applied AI Personalizes the Customer Journey

An interview with Coveo’s Michael Ni on how Coveo’s innovative AppExchange technology is revolutionizing the customer journey.

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10 Free Solutions from Salesforce Labs That Will Enhance Your Experience Cloud Site

This blog post highlights 10 Salesforce Labs solutions you can use to help you build the best Experience site possible.

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How Salesforce and AppExchange Apps Are Driving Record Growth for This Account Engagement Platform

We caught up with two members of the 6sense team, Chris Dutton, Senior Director of Demand Gen, and Lauren Skinner-Johnson, Marketing Operations Manager, to learn more about how Salesforce and AppExchange apps have helped drive the company's success.

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