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Your December 2021 AppExchange Monthly Briefing

This month we covered how customers can maximize email marketing ROI, dug deeper into using gamification to keep sales teams happy during the Great Resignation, and took a closer look at the 30 new solutions Salesforce Labs brought to AppExchange in 2021. 

Business Builders to Know: Yakoon’s Journey to Success
This recent conversation with Oliver Arambatzis and Thomas Brauchle, Co-Founders of Yakoon, sees both discuss how building their business on the Salesforce platform gave them tools to get ahead, and why a combination of passion, bravery, and strategy is crucial to success.
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Improving Conversion with Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
The success of the entire revenue team is often predicated on marketing and sales working together to reach organizational goals. This article covers how revenue teams like yours can increase their closed/won conversion with service level agreements (SLAs) and AppExchange apps.  
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Mestrelab Customer Spotlight
Mestrelab Research SL knew they needed to update their payment collections and finally allow customers to process credit card payments electronically, but didn’t exactly know where to start. Since finding Kulturra Payment Center on the AppExchange they’ve seen a nearly 200% increase in payment collections. 
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How an Image App Steered into Success with AppExchange Test Drive
For CEO and co-founder Jean-Michel Mougeolle, much of SharinPix’s success has been propelled not only by including Test Drive on their AppExchange listing, but also by installing apps using Test Drive for their own company. Read more about the value of this incredible tool. 
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Business Builders to Know: Barbara Jones’ Journey to Success
Barbara Jones always knew she would launch her own business one day. Here the Founder and CEO of Lillii RNB and creator of Freeing Returns talks about how partnering with Salesforce helped her fast-track her vision, build connections, and what she wishes she’d known when she was just starting.
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4 Benefits of Sales Gamification in the Time of the Great Resignation 
In the midst of what many have dubbed the Great Resignation, employee satisfaction is now a top priority. Sales leaders should consider gamification, the application of competition and leaderboards to motivate sales behaviors, to ensure their employees stay happy in their roles.  
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9 Duplicate Management Apps to Boost Confidence in Your Data
Duplicate data in your CRM can cause major headaches and wasted time for your team, but a decongested Salesforce org can boost efficiency and increase productivity. If you want to start removing duplicate data today, these AppExchange apps can help eliminate this significant challenge. 
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5 Smart Ways To Increase Email Marketing ROI With Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Salesforce Marketing Cloud can be a vital tool for many marketers by helping create and manage their customer relationships with personalized marketing campaigns and saving time with automation. Here are several smart tips you can apply to help yield a high ROI, even during these current challenging times. 
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How Cognitive Technology Catapults a Knowledge-First Approach for Customer Support
Instilling a knowledge-first culture can be tough, but with cognitive technology, you can accomplish things in a way that becomes a natural part of your existing workflows. Cognitive technology available on AppExchange can help you get started by leveraging machine learning and natural language processing. 
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Salesforce Labs Year-End WrAPP Up
This past year was an explosive one for Salesforce Labs, and we’re looking back at all we’ve accomplished. Throughout 2021, we brought more than 30 new solutions to AppExchange, and despite spending another year in semi-lockdown we managed to connect with Trailblazers from all over the world. Keep reading for a recAPP on all Labs activities from the past year.
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How One Construction Software Company Improved Customer Relationship Management with AppExchange  
Construction projects can be complex and tightly calculated in terms of time, and that’s where NEVARIS comes into play. The company develops integrated software for construction operations, and now with the help of AppExchange apps, they’re improving customer relationship management, process automation, integration, and more.  
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Tips From a Trailblazer: How To Build A Successful Product
Since launching his startup eight years ago, Matt Fairhurst has seen many turning points along his entrepreneurial path. The co-founder and CEO of Skedulo recently joined us on the Trailblazing Entrepreneurs podcast to share where his journey all began, and how he pivoted during difficult times to create a product that customers really needed. 
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Thought Leadership Isn't an Ego Trip
While marketing used to be all about storytelling, thought leadership now has an important role to play when attracting new business. Learn more about how to balance ego and experience when interacting with customers, investors, and employees with these helpful tips. 
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Ventura Customer Spotlight
When Ventura Foods wanted to improve their client relationships with a new sales process, they knew they'd find the perfect solution on AppExchange. Now with Salesforce and AllCloud in their back pocket, they’ve got 100 percent visibility into all customer relationships. 
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Thank You, AppExchange Community
We want to thank AppExchange’s customers and partners for inspiring us every day. Thank you for counting on us and pushing this amazing community to innovate. We can't wait to see what 2022 has in store for all of us. 
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