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TELSI Hits Milestone with 10 Millionth AppExchange Install

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​​​​​​Based in Bretagne, Northwest France, TELSI helps companies who want to keep their customer service in-house for a connected and excellent experience for their customers.

On January 14, 2022, TELSI installed Rollup Helper by Passage Technology, and as it turned out, that install was the 10 millionth install on AppExchange. But that’s just one part of their inspiring, trailblazing Salesforce story.

We virtually sat down with Jean-Thomas Lacour, co-founder of TELSI, and the TELSI team to learn about their journey, transformation to success, and how it feels to be the 10 millionth installer. (This conversation was in French, led by my French-speaking colleague, Malado Cisse. We’ve translated it to English for this article.)

Tell us a little bit more about the history of TELSI and how it has evolved to the company that it is today.

Jean-Thomas Lacour: We founded TELSI in 2009, and you could call me a true Trailblazer, because we started using Salesforce right from the very start. Since that time, we have grown up with Salesforce. The intelligent processes, systems, and structures unique to our business are all powered by Salesforce. Additionally, we leverage AppExchange to extend the power of our Salesforce with apps. We really value that extensibility and being able to add new functionalities and capabilities to our platform.

A huge congrats for being our 10 millionth installer! What challenge were you trying to solve with Rollup Helper?

Stéphane Berthoz: Rollup Helper rolls up information in Salesforce with clicks and not code. TELSI, of course, has many accounts with disparate data. On these accounts, we use active and passive statuses from a business perspective, and we rely on these statuses for our contracts and opportunities as well. In order to have a holistic view of our business, we needed a solution to roll up the data using different data fields and filters; thus the installation of Rollup Helper as a solution.

Because we’ve used AppExchange in the past we found the app by searching for something that revolved around roll ups specifically. And, voila! We came across this application, which not only is very well rated, but also recommended by the Trailblazer Community. Seeing the number of times Rollup Helper has been installed also reassured us enough to install the solution; the 10 millionth for AppExchange.

That’s awesome. So, how does it feel to be the 10 millionth installer?

Aurore Payoux: I didn’t believe it at first when Jean-Thomas told me. But we are very happy because Salesforce is great and inspiring. It is a wonderful surprise for us.

With all that’s available, what is the value of AppExchange for you?

Jean-Thomas Lacour: The value for me is how seamlessly it integrates with Salesforce. Our key data and strategies are in Salesforce, so when we wanted to extend our Sales Cloud or Service Cloud, we looked to AppExchange to ensure the solutions are connected and benefit one another.

The other major benefit is the wide range of applications on AppExchange. Each time there’s a need, we look on the AppExchange to find a solution that will help us improve our processes and process automation.

What other AppExchange apps are you using and why?

Jean-Thomas Lacour: We use several different apps here at TELSI to drive success. Conga Composer helps us generate our quotes. The automation of formerly tedious processes allows us to focus on driving revenue. We also use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to improve the CRM experience, and to import, export, and update data as needed.

Stéphane Berthoz: As the in-house admin, part of the value of AppExchange for us is also the Trailblazer community. It is wonderful to have learning resources online, and the community itself is very welcoming. Being connected to a community of admins has helped me find the right solutions that work for us.

As you look to the future, how do you hope to continue solving business challenges with AppExchange?

Jean-Thomas Lacour: We are a high-growth company without being a start-up, that is to say, we finance ourselves from our own capital and equity. We have grown beyond 30% in 5 years, which we are really proud of. It means that we must be agile and very proactive in adapting our information systems to grow.

We want to keep that momentum into the future. Our information system must continue to adapt with more automation and more scalable processes in order to make life easier for our teams, and to ensure that we are providing excellent service to our customers on a daily basis. To do that, we have to stay up to date on new product developments, features, and functionalities within Salesforce and on the AppExchange. That way, we can respond quickly to changes in our business, be agile, and really find the right solutions at the right time.

Aurore Payoux: Salesforce and AppExchange apps are daily tools for our sales and marketing departments, and it will soon be deployed in our support service department as well. At TELSI, Salesforce is a core part of everything we do, and, as the Americans say, it just makes sense.

Learn more about the journey to 10 million and how 10 customers are seeing success with AppExchange.
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