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Your March 2022 AppExchange Monthly Briefing

This month we took a closer look at our 10 millionth installer, discussed the value of a hybrid business model, and covered how the right contact center technology can make the difference between efficient call management and lost opportunities.

How a Global Pandemic Helped #BreaktheBias for Women in the Workforce
There is a bias that many women need flexible working conditions more than men do and it is the employee who benefits, not the employer. This bias implies that by providing flexible conditions, business productivity is impacted, and a woman’s ability to deliver equal results to male counterparts, will be hampered by their different approach to working hours. The pandemic has not just broken the bias, it has smashed it — and hopefully for good.
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ZINKT: Shootsta Customer Spotlight
When Shootsta wanted to increase their Salesforce capabilities and improve their data entry processes, they knew they’d find the solutions they needed on AppExchange. After installing the ZINKT app, they not just became more efficient, they were finally able to say goodbye to spreadsheets for good. Don’t you just love saying sayonara to labor-intensive work tasks?
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7 Innovative Apps for Healthcare Professionals at HIMSS22
Recently healthcare professionals from all over the world gathered together to get the information they need and find the solutions to help in their digital transformation, and several AppExchange apps and experts were a part of HIMSS22. Here’s a look at those partners and their innovative tech and services for healthcare professionals.
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TELSI Hits Milestone with 10 Millionth AppExchange Install
On Jan. 14, TELSI installed Rollup Helper by Passage Technology, and as it turned out, it was the 10 millionth install on AppExchange. But that’s just one part of their inspiring, trailblazing Salesforce story. We virtually sat down with Jean-Thomas Lacour, co-founder of TELSI, and the TELSI team to learn about their journey, transformation to success, and how it feels to be the 10 millionth installer.
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The Way We Work Has Changed, But Have We?
A certain stereotype exists about how “successful” men act in the workplace, and to achieve similar success, women need to act the same way. That is not equality. A progressive company must undertake training that teaches us how to recognize potential in everyone — including those who, for whatever reason, are not in the office, attending functions, or traveling for work. The hybrid work experience is here to stay, but it takes a while for everyone to realize the value of this business model.
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The New AppExchange Homepage: A Fresh, Smart, and Guided Experience
As the most trusted enterprise cloud marketplace, AppExchange is dedicated to helping customers get the most out of Salesforce with apps and certified consultants. That includes making it as easy as possible for Trailblazers to find the right apps and experts for their business needs. That’s why we’re evolving the AppExchange marketplace, starting with a whole new homepage experience — which you can start exploring today.
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2022 Trends In Multilingual Support
While customer expectations have been consistently increasing over the past several years, this was only expedited by the pandemic. The COVID-induced wave of virtual experiences, video appointments, and contactless delivery has conditioned consumers to expect their interactions with brands to be seamless, fast, and efficient. Not only do they want to resolve issues quickly, but they also expect to be able to speak with someone in their own language. 
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Top 5 Prepackaged Dashboards from Salesforce Labs to Help You Track Business Performance
Spring is here, and it’s the perfect time for data cleaning. Get started on your reorganization journey with free, employee-built dashboards. With preconfigured dashboards, you can get instant access to your entire organization’s performance, the impact of your sales, and more. Here are our top five free, preconfigured dashboards to help you track your business performance.
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PandaDoc: Autodesk Customer Spotlight
When Autodesk was experiencing issues with their internal sales processes, they knew they’d find the solutions they needed to make their business more efficient on AppExchange. After installing the PandaDoc app, they were easily able to integrate their sales needs directly into their Salesforce CRM. Now they’re 100% capable of tracking sales efficacy throughout their international software company.
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How Intelligent Swarming Unlocks the Powerful Realm to Proactive Support
Constantly evolving customer expectations demonstrate the need for advanced support methodologies within the organizations. Despite that, most still depend on a traditional tiered support model that lets customers slog in the trenches until the agents are done with ping-ponging the ticket to the next-tiered agent. This brings up a crucial question — Is there a better way to combat a fair share of challenges of modern service desk? 
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How the AppExchange Helps to Improve Data Quality
Pretty much every business strives to be data-driven and the very foundation of this process is having the trust that your data is accurate and reliable to make big decisions. Having quality data allows you to provide your customers with the best possible experience. Updating existing records allows you to better understand your customers, saves time for your sales teams, and provides your customers with better experiences.
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The Platform Chronicles: 10 Questions with Prashanth Rajendran, CEO, ComplianceQuest
Platform Chronicles welcomes Prashanth Rajendran, CEO, ComplianceQuest, the fastest-growing Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS) and Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) software company built natively on the Salesforce platform. Prashanth directly oversees his company’s sales, marketing, partnerships, finance, IT, legal, and overall company strategy and direction.
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Odaseva: Transport for NSW Customer Spotlight
When Transport for NSW was experiencing issues with their data protection processes, they knew they’d find the solutions they needed to make their business safer on AppExchange. After installing the Odaseva app, they were easily able to ensure more than 176 million records in Salesforce are sheltered against data loss. And who doesn’t love feeling safeguarded at work?
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Contact Center Technology: 8 Must-Have Features to Help Clear More Calls
Old contact center technology has long been the bane of consumers navigating complicated phone trees. Fortunately, it’s being replaced by innovative, integrated solutions that capitalize on your relationship with buyers. In today’s competitive climate, every customer touchpoint is critical for customer satisfaction and data acquisition. The right contact center technology, also known as customer service call center technology, can make the difference between efficient call management and lost opportunities.
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Why Augmentation is the Answer to Improving Salesforce Data Quality
Salesforce is an incredible platform that enables businesses to have a 360-degree view of their customers, but that view can become distorted when data suffers from quality issues, negatively impacting productivity. Data changes moment by moment, and a sales lead that was accurate yesterday may be irrelevant today when the contact gets a new job, promotion, or changes their phone number. The longer this problem persists, the harder Salesforce clients can find adoption.
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How to Navigate the Alphabet Soup of SaaS Metrics
Not all SaaS metrics are the same, even the ones that are sometimes called the same thing. Although they are numbers and data at their core, they’re incredibly and unexpectedly subjective. That’s because there are so many ways to calculate things and different jargon that even people in the same niche will use differently. Here are some of the pitfalls SaaS professionals run into when calculating metrics for their business.
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