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7 Slack Integration Apps to Check Out Today

Slack changes the way you work, and with AppExchange apps, it’s easier than ever to integrate Slack with Salesforce. Support custom objects, Lightning experiences, and more with Slack integration apps, now making it simple to extend the power of Slack and your Customer 360. Here’s a look at seven to help you get started, and explore even more on AppExchange. 


Integrate Slack and Salesforce to more than 100 popular apps with Automate.io. Create marketing and sales workflows across apps, and sync Salesforce data with forms, marketing tools, help desk, billing, and more. Add leads to Salesforce from social networks, landing pages, and emails automatically. Enrich leads by gathering data from other apps and APIs.

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Enable your team to learn and react in Salesforce and Slack. This app helps your team view all related Slack channels to a Salesforce record in one spot, creates new channels to have key customer conversations, saves conversations in Salesforce, and more.  

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Flashcx.ai helps connect Slack with Salesforce to give sales teams access and update core objects like opportunities, accounts, leads, contacts, and service requests while providing powerful data enrichment for the account data with actionable insights. 

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If you're integrating Slack with Salesforce, Ostrij can help. This app enables you to manage any integration with clicks not code. Configure data flows similar to workflows or process builders and free up your team's time to manage integrations within your business.

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Deliver revenue signals and actions from Salesforce to Slack and Microsoft Teams with Troops. Troops monitor every field in Salesforce to send signals to the correct place, notifying the right people at the right time with custom next best actions. This app provides real-time visibility to critical market input such as competitor information and product feedback. 

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Integrate Slack into Salesforce with Workato’s enterprise automation. It helps unite data, processes, and people by integrating Salesforce products with Slack and more than 1000 additional apps, all without code. Automate your sales and marketing operations today to eliminate manual work and reduce friction in the buying process.

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zAgile Connector

Unite sales, support, and product teams around your customers with zAgile Connector. Their chat bridge provides a bidirectional link between Slack and Salesforce, helping you and your employees access, create and update Salesforce objects, all while enabling you to close deals faster and manage accounts more effectively through cross-team collaboration. 

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