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Salesforce Labs Monthly Rewind

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Free. Employee-built. Open-source. These are a few words that come to mind when I think of Salesforce Labs. Since 2006, this program has helped countless Salesforce employees with great ideas bring their creations to AppExchange. With so many new ideas being added to the world’s number one enterprise marketplace, it can be easy to get lost in the excitement. Luckily, we’ve explored all of AppExchange and compiled the newest solutions from Salesforce Labs you need to know about! Here’s your one-stop-shop for new Labs released on AppExchange.

Integration Framework
Confused with integrations and how to set one up? This new Labs solution can help! The Integration Framework solution on AppExchange enables you to receive API messages with a complex payload and map the body of the messages to Salesforce objects and fields.
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Salesforce Order Management Process Exception Alerts in Slack
Don’t let order issues have a massive impact on customer experience. With AppExchange, you can prepare your team to handle incoming situations with confidence. The new Salesforce Order Management Process Exception Alerts solution helps you resolve new order issues with Slack notifications. This integration can also help increase customer satisfaction, decrease case resolution time, and drive greater team alignment. All in all, it’s a fantastic option to help you streamline resolution workflows. 
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CPQ Connector for Subscription Management
What if customers could buy across any direct or indirect selling channel? With CPQ Connector for Subscription Management on AppExchange, your buyers can do just that! This CPQ add-on package enables customers to use CPQ and Subscription Management together in the same org. In addition, it helps you automatically create lifecycle-managed assets when assets are contracted and include transactions from both tools in one invoice. In turn, your customers can receive one invoice for anything they buy and enhanced purchasing data across direct and self-service channels. 
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Framework for Default Campaign Member Status
Framework for Default Campaign Member Status is here to help you streamline manual business processes. With this new flow, your team can automate Campaign Member statuses, automatically add or remove campaign member statuses when a new campaign is created, and deploy your default campaign member statuses with custom metadata. 
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Contact Account Update Flow
Looking for a way managing contacts can become easier? The new Contact Account Update flow solution can help you keep track of your contact’s related organizations, reduce contact duplication, and easily migrate your contacts to a new Account, rather than creating a brand new contact record. 
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Personalize Anything for Experience Cloud
Extend your Experience Cloud site customization with LWC! This new solution enables you to personalize an entire region of components in your Experience Cloud LWR site. Simply drag and drop the component onto a page in builder, set your visibility criteria for the personalized region, and configure the logic for the criteria evaluation. Personalize content based on builder expression, merge fields, language, authentication status, form factor, current URL, cookie values, user fields, custom event inputs, and more. 
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Marianna is an Evangelist for Salesforce Labs