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Salesforce and Accenture Share the Value of Trust and Generative AI

An AI Day illustration that says "calling all Trailblazers."

Salesforce Chair, CEO, and Co-Founder Marc Benioff, along with AI visionaries and Salesforce partners, recently shared game-changing news about the future of trusted enterprise AI. They discussed operational strategies, customer experiences, and new business models at AI Day, which was held on June 12, in New York City. 

The day featured many aspects of the artificial intelligence industry. For example, attendees learned how to connect with their customers in a whole new way while still managing the risks of generative AI. 

“We’re here to talk to you about Artificial Intelligence, one of the most important technologies of our lifetime,” Benioff said. “I think Artificial Intelligence and generative AI, well, may be the most important technology of any lifetime.” 

The Ethical Responsibility of AI Exploration
Benioff also focused on the ethical responsibility required of those who build, maintain, and work with AI technologies. 

“We’ve all seen the movies and we’ve all seen where this can go, haven’t we? We all have these crazy ideas in our heads of what can happen.” Benioff said. “That’s why responsible AI use is so critical and why I’m so excited that we have an incredible AI ethics team that has been in place at Salesforce for many years.” 

Salesforce + Accenture
Julie Sweet, Accenture CEO, joined Benioff on stage in emphasizing the importance of trust when starting your journey with AI. In addition to building trust, getting value quickly once you begin your journey with AI is critical.

“That's where the work we're doing is so important with the AI Accelerator Hub that we just announced with Salesforce. That's about bringing the power of Salesforce and Accenture, and all of our industry knowledge, our knowledge about customers and marketing and sales and service, with [Salesforce] and the clients together to say, ‘How do we create the absolute, most powerful use cases that have a return?”

Tenants of a trusted AI model include built-in security, ethical design, and customer privacy, all of which are included in the brand-new AI Cloud. Also announced on AI Day, Salesforce is bringing trusted company data to every prompt in the new AI Cloud, adding an Einstein GPT trust layer to your customer 360 data and the world’s #1 CRM. 

Check out the new AI Cloud HERE

AI Cloud helps to drive productivity for every workflow, user, and department, including sales, service, marketing, commerce, Tableau, and Slack. 

Looking to kickstart your AI journey? Check out the AppExchange AI Collection page HERE.

Didn’t have the time to tune in to the big announcement? Don’t fret! We’ve got you covered with the complete recording of AI Day, now available on Salesforce+. WATCH HERE
Amanda Matlock is a Content Writer at Salesforce AppExchange.
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