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Join the Data Culture Club

A group of friends pose for a photo at a Dreamforce 2022 event.

Welcome to the Data Culture Club. We believe in data, but we believe that data alone is not enough. We believe that data utilization is the crux of building better businesses and better serving our communities. 

What’s the point? Data with action: that’s really where the magic is.

Let’s explore the impact data culture has had - particularly during the pandemic - and highlight how it can shape the future of countless organizations. 

Empowered by Data Culture
One of the success stories highlighted in the webinar was that of Jeremy Blaney and the Big Island Mask Project. Blaney is a Customer Success Leader at Tableau, the data visualization software company that helps organizations “see and understand [their] data,” and has a listing on Salesforce AppExchange. He leads a number of key initiatives at Tableau and recently worked with the Big Island of Hawaii on their COVID-19 response. 

“Months ago, when COVID was trending in the wrong direction, a number of community leaders stepped up to help in a mask distribution initiative. Five masks were allotted for each resident: one million masks overall,” Blaney said.

There were two major concerns: the size of the (aptly named) Big Island and the risk of over-distributing to population centers while under-distributing to less populated areas. With a data-driven approach, teams captured details on the face masks’ destinations using Excel sheets and then brought that data into Tableau. This allowed them to visualize which communities had not received their mask allocations. The data drove day-to-day decisions, allowed operational planning for the next day, and tracked efforts toward their goal.

The Rise of Data Culture
The pandemic was tragic, difficult, and heartbreaking. But an unforeseen consequence of COVID-19 was how it pushed data culture forward in many ways. Decision-makers saw the value of accessing quality data quickly, not only to make the difficult decisions called for in critical times but also to stream accurate data to their people and the public to empower responsive action.

I feel its a combination of fine art and tech – a few hard skills and soft skills – [that is] required to really harness that data to drive action within your organizations, to improve your organizations, to plan them, and to move to the next level while also democratizing data within an organization to provide further empowerment.

This is the Data Culture Club. We are growing our numbers, improving practices, and polishing up organizations so we can be ready on a company level, a local level, a global level – any level – for what comes next. The systems will need constant refinement, adjusting each time to the new, varied, and specific challenges of each problem, whether it be a pandemic or business growth, or efficiency challenges. 

Ready to make data part of your culture and join the club? Check out solutions like Pacific Point on AppExchange to get started and find success today! 

About the author: Deena Tearney is the Founder and CEO of Pacific Point, a Salesforce Consulting Firm. Her passion is mentoring youth to pursue careers in tech.
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