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Your January 2023 AppExchange Monthly Briefing

This month we got a closer look at how data will only be valuable if it is of high quality, discovered how a warehouse management system can be used to delight your customers, and took a deep dive ​​​​​​into how ESG risks are changing businesses’ operations.  

3 Reasons You Need a Better Document Management Solution
No matter the industry or size of your organization, you most likely have a document management solution in place. However, having a solution in place doesn’t mean it meets your needs or is optimized for peak performance. Managing and storing digital and physical files can get messy, and fast. Especially with the importance of security and data privacy increasing almost daily. What do you need to do to build the best document management solution? 
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15 Must-See Partners for Retailers at NRF 2023
The National Retail Federation’s recent annual conference was all about meeting fellow retailers and discovering the tech that will not just prepare you but accelerates you as the consumer market continues to transform and grow. A number of Salesforce partner apps and experts attended NRF. Here’s a look at some of these partners and their amazing tech and services for retailers in 2023.
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The Top 5 Hidden Costs of Bad Data
As data becomes more accessible, nonprofit organizations are changing how they attract new donors, enhance contributions, and steward their community of supporters. However, data will only be valuable if it is of high quality. Inaccurate, incomplete, or stale data can make it difficult for nonprofits to accomplish their mission. At best, these problems may be insignificant, but at worst, organizations could lose a lot of money and make the wrong choices. 
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Improving Customer Satisfaction in Your Call Center: 5 Tips for the Busy Season
The customer experience (CX) is arguably the most important aspect of any call center. Here are five tips so you can maintain customer satisfaction, even during the busy season. If you take the time to understand customer expectations, you’ll be prepared to meet and exceed needs. Depending on the products and services your company offers, your call center can probably anticipate some main reasons why customers are calling. 
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How a WMS Can Delight Customers
A Warehouse Management System can make warehousing and inventory management accurate, the technology can automate workflows, and help businesses move away from manual, inaccurate, or time-consuming processes. These are all great aspirational achievements when it comes to implementing a WMS. But we don’t often discuss how a WMS can help an organization with a core goal: delighting customers.
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Your 2022 AppExchange Year in Review
​​​​​​2022 was a big one for AppExchange and our community. We hit an incredible milestone of 10 million installs, got a closer look at an evolving AppExchange marketplace, discovered what exactly a native app badge signifies, and took a deep dive into partners and how they can help you reach success faster. Here’s the cream of the crop when it comes to content the team shared in 2022.
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How to Use AI to Improve Your Sales Efficiency
​​​​​​According to Salesforce's State of Sales, "69% of high performers use AI to automate repetitive tasks." But artificial intelligence is not just about automating simple tasks like sending follow-up emails or keeping customer information streamlined across Salesforce and other tools; AI can do a lot more than just that. If you're looking for ways to use AI to improve your sales efficiency, here are some concrete ways to start using it, including how to improve workflows. 
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Slack + Salesforce = More Productivity
Individually, Salesforce and Slack are powerful business technologies. Salesforce is the world’s no. 1 CRM, analytics, and integration platform. Slack is the world’s leading communication platform. Together, they provide more modern and efficient ways to sell and provide service. Slack and Salesforce integration is great for organizations that are looking for ways to improve productivity and efficiency, produce tangible results, and drive their businesses forward. 
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How to Manage ESG Risk Across Your Supply Chain
​​​​​​Environmental, social, and governance risks are changing how businesses operate. Prompted by customers, investors, and regulators - business managers need ways to identify and address ESG risks in their offerings, operations, and supply chains. A major challenge for these leaders is that ESG encompasses a broad set of risks, including greenhouse gas emissions reduction, water security, preservation of biodiversity, conflict minerals, human rights, and labor standards, diversity and inclusion, cybersecurity, and more.
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Amanda Matlock is a Content Writer at Salesforce AppExchange
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