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Why Your Real Estate Business Needs a Salesforce-Powered CRM

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The real estate industry is fast-paced, competitive, and fiercely local. It's essential for real estate professionals to have the tools they need to succeed, especially in unforgiving, turbulent market conditions. That's why Salesforce offers real estate-specific CRMs on AppExchange that help real estate professionals streamline their work, close more deals, and grow their businesses.

Mobile-Friendly and Easy Phone Integrations

Real estate professionals are always on the go and they need access to their customer data and tools from anywhere, at any time. That's why their real estate CRM is mobile-friendly and includes easy phone integration options. Real estate professionals can easily capture and log calls (and recordings!) with customers automatically, and even access marketing-specific phone numbers for quick and effective follow-up. The only thing more important than phone functions are text message abilities! Easy texting abilities and text follow-up sequences are also critical in keeping a personal touch with customers. Don’t know what to write for sequences or what is the most effective? It’s got you covered with pre-configured sequences and templates from preferred real estate collection partners.

Quick Property Analysis

In the real estate industry, time is money. Homeowners now expect to have an accurate offer or a potential list price in seconds. Quickly pulling comparables and determining property valuations quickly will facilitate effective conversations with homeowners. Real estate professionals need to have access to this information and estimate potential repair costs in minutes, all within the same system. The power of Salesforce and real estate-specific solutions moves the power of data, public records, and strong systems directly into your hands. This helps real estate professionals make informed decisions and close more deals.

Daily To-Do Lists

If you’re looking to make your day-to-day more efficient, find a real estate CRM that includes a daily to-do list feature, which allows real estate professionals to filter their tasks according to what's due today and what's coming up over the next week. This customization helps real estate professionals work more efficiently and stay on top of their tasks and gives you the ability to log calls, send emails, and create new tasks and events in a single click, without switching screens, further streamlining the work process.

Long-Term Follow-Up

Long-term follow-up is critical in the real estate industry and a real estate CRM can help real estate professionals stay focused on the highest priority homeowners while ensuring nothing slips through the cracks with existing leads that may need just a bit of nurturing before they are ready to buy or sell. In the fiercely competitive market, you need to stay front of mind when homeowners are ready to take action. Who will they call first? The person they heard from last!

Real Estate-Specific KPIs

Finding a real estate CRM includes offering real estate-specific KPIs, which allow real estate professionals to track and measure their performance and make informed decisions, can also help grow your business. The ability to monitor what's working and what needs to be improved is key to achieving reliable profit in the real estate industry.

Easy E-Signature 

Real Estate and contracts go together like peas and carrots and so should your CRM and your contracts! Integrating this action is paramount for tight tracking of active open contracts and automation post-signing.

Whether it's mobile-friendly and easy phone integration, quick property analysis, daily to-do lists, long-term follow-up, or real estate-specific KPIs, the right real estate CRM will have everything real estate professionals need to close more deals, build stronger relationships with customers, and grow their business. 

Want to get started? Start streamlining your work, growing your business, and finding success now with a Real Estate CRM on AppExchange today! 

About the author: Stephanie Betters is the Founder and CEO of Left Main REI, a real estate solution app built on Salesforce. She is also the co-founder of Better Path Homes, a Real Estate Investment and New Build Construction company in Charlotte, NC. Left Main REI was built by her as a real estate professional seeking a specific solution for her growing company. She recently retired as a Cardiothoracic Surgery Nurse Practitioner. She believes that her background in Medicine has been the key to her success in the business arena as everything boils down to taking care of people and helping to solve their problems. Betters lives in Charlotte, NC. with her husband and three children. 
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