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Dreamforce Attendees Share Big Ideas for Future AppExchange Solutions

Several Dreamforce 22 attendees stand in front of and inspect the AppExchange idea board.

With more than 500 responses to our idea board at Dreamforce 22, it’s clear that customers have big opinions and expectations for AppExchange in the coming year and it was apparent attendees had a thing or two to say when answering the call to share their ideas for solutions, as their written responses covered the board from edge to edge.  

Here are their top five themes, including interesting insights into each grouping, and exciting, relevant solutions that exist today to get you started on your AppExchange journey. Lucky you, we even included three bonus categories to help you get the most out of your Salesforce experience!

Admin & Developer Tools - Big suggestions regarding administrator and developer tools quickly populated the idea board at DF22. Some attendees had simple asks of additional automation solutions and easy design tools, while others made more specific requests like an integration with Google locations for use in validating address entry and an app to help attach files on any record from a mobile device. 

See admin & developer tool solutions here >>

Productivity - The ability to be more productive was one of the most popular ideas noted on the AppExchange idea board this year. A way to show a salesperson the probability their submission will be successful, easily making time zone corrections when connecting to outside systems, the ability to send text messages on more social media sites, and a new solution to help make file management more precise were all productivity asks from attendees. 

See productivity solutions here >>    

Dashboards & Reports - Another extensive crowdpleaser in the 500+ responses included the topic of dashboards and reports. Dreamforce attendees were looking for the ability to manage and authenticate external users in Salesforce, more apps to help track the activity of each representative in the system, and an easier way to easily detect differences between source code and code deployed to an org’s sandbox. 

See dashboard and report solutions here >>

Integration - Integration was also at the top of many minds during Dreamforce this year, with requests ranging from quicker API integration to the ability to design complex forms in multiple stages. Attendees also asked for additional abilities to automatically generate the code and increase Relational Database functionality.

See integration solutions here >>  

Collaboration - The theme of collaboration was also favored by Dreamforce guests, with suggestions about an encrypted, on-demand content builder block and easier B2B automation and implementations making their way to the idea board. Another attendee even suggested an app to handle all the possible CTI connectors so that users can switch between them on demand. 

See collaboration solutions here >>    

Bonus Catagories: Were there more than just five categories favored at Dreamforce 22? You bet! Other prevalent topics included increasing apps for marketing, sales, and upping the amount of data-focused analytics apps on AppExchange. Luckily for you, all those category options are growing and expanding every day. 

See marketing solutions here >>  

See sales solutions here >>  

See analytics solutions here >>  

We can’t thank attendees enough for sharing their amazing, outstanding, and enthusiastic ideas with us at Dreamforce, and can’t wait to turn yesterday’s suggestions into tomorrow’s new solutions! 

New to AppExchange? Start your journey to find the right apps and experts to drive your success today!      

Amanda Matlock is a Content Writer at Salesforce AppExchange.
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