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How Salesforce AppExchange Facilitates Candidate Resume Screening

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Those in the recruitment industry would be familiar with the shift in recent hiring trends showing a move from human to automated resume screening as a significant part of the recruitment process.
This is why AI-driven hiring tools have become a significant HR resource for good.

How Does Automated Screening Software Help?

The AI-driven screening tools efficiently free HR managers from the tedious manual resume screening task.
Salesforce AppExchange, acting as a podium for HR recruitment tools, offers a catalog of resume-screening software to harness efficiency throughout the process. Challenging the conventional approach towards candidate selection, the tools are engineered to automate the process accurately and screen thousands of resumes, regardless of the format, in just a few seconds.   

How Does The Screening Software in Salesforce AppExchange Work For The Recruiter?

·   Save Recruiters’ Valuable Time

Say, on average, you receive approximately 250 applications for a job posting. If the average time you’ll spend on screening the resume is two minutes, you’ll invest 500 minutes daily. However, resume screening software can get the work done in a few seconds and with enhanced accuracy.  
In addition, the software gives recruiters access to structured data. Contrary to manual resume screening, the users can parse multiple resumes in a go and use the information that gets automatically stored in Salesforce. This suggests the data of shortlisted candidates will be available instantly.   
With time available, the HR manager can invest it in other productive tasks like fostering relations with prospective candidates. This also increases the chances of engaging talented candidates faster than the competition.  

·  Salesforce Resume Screening Tool Reduces Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias is a term that many would disagree to agree upon. Recruiters are no different. Most of the time, a recruiter screening the resumes selects a candidate based on gender, name, race, religion, or looks. These are the common demographics affecting the recruitment decision.
Salesforce AppExchange, with an array of certified resume screening software, eliminates bias from the first stage of the hiring process. These demographic factors can easily influence the hiring decision and can be negated and ignored through automation.   
With this option, HR managers are able to select essential fields like education, qualification, experience, skills, and certification. Based on these selected fields, the resume screening software fetches the database of candidates who’ll add to the knowledge base and prove to be an asset to your team.
Diversity plays a vital role in a company’s success. Therefore, it becomes imperative to address unconscious bias while screening the resumes so the professionals hired are professional and skilled.

·  Auto-fill Data Fields

Talking about quality hiring, it’s important to segregate skilled and qualified candidates from the less qualified ones. Fishing out the candidates at the screening stage of the recruitment process lays the foundation for forming a knowledgeable team. Having software do the task means that once a candidate applies to the job, the relevant data from their resume will be automatically fetched and auto-filled into the database. In a way, the screening process will be trimmed down to just scrutinizing the list of candidates who’ve matched the selection criteria.

Wrapping Up

The current competitive industry calls for a recruiter to proactively reach talented candidates. Automating resume screening with Salesforce AppExchange means you’re streamlining the process in the first step. This, in turn, ascertains a quick selection of the best-fit candidate for your job.  

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About the author: Aanchal Sharma is a creative and technical writer who has been penning her ideas for more than a decade. Having written for an array of industries, she found her calling while scrolling down write-ups for recruiters. A strategic thinker, she is leading the marketing division of the company. Sharma’s signature articles are on solutions that help recruiters enhance their hiring practices and get the best candidates on board.  
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