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Optimize Your Commerce Site for the Holiday Rush

Optimize your Commerce Site for the Holiday Rush

Winter is often the busiest time of year for retailers. As demand for products goes up, it’s important to ensure supplies remain accessible and processes remain efficient. Whether you sell directly to businesses or customers, now is a good time to optimize your commerce site for the busiest time of the year, and evaluate your current processes. Here are five free Labs apps you can use to get started.

LB2B Featured Products

Whatever you’re selling, it’s a great idea to make your most popular products shine. The LB2B Featured Products component does just that. This component allows you to feature your products in various different ways, including an organized tile view and list view. It also includes color, font, and text customizations.

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B2B LE Video Player

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. Video consumption is at all time high this year, so what better way to showcase your product than demos and display ads? This component lets you embed videos right on your commerce site pages, so customers can view it right on the product listing.

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B2B Order Grid

For B2B organizations, this solution can be a real timesaver for your customers. The B2B Order Grid enables customers to reorder entire past orders or specific product items with ease. This component surfaces a list of past orders for the current user to allow users to view quickly reorder entire orders or specific order products. It also enables them to filter products by year and search products by name or SKU. In addition, it supports both CMS and external images for your products and lets customers reset product quantities.

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External Services for B2C Commerce

While it’s recommended to optimize the customer facing side of your business, we also want to encourage you to evaluate your back end processes too. External Services for B2B Commerce is one way to get started. This package of flow templates enables you to build your own integrations with clicks, not code. This package can also help you kickstart your own integrations with building blocks to complete standard tasks, like searching for a customer in B2C Commerce when a Contact is created, updating addresses in B2C Commerce right from Service Cloud, and much more. With this solution, you can also build interactivity and automation with the B2C Commerce API with the power of Flow.

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Common Service Cloud Channel Flows

More purchases = higher chances of customer inquiries. Are you ready to handle them? If you have Service Cloud enabled, then you’re already off to a great start. This solution helps you to get up and running with Service Cloud through the use of multiple prepackaged flow templates. Common Service Cloud Channel Flows is capable of some amazing things, like automatically associating records based on phone numbers, completing milestones and updating case status, and notifying owners of new emails on their own cases.

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Marianna is an Evangelist for Salesforce Labs
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