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Trailblazers Love AppExchange: Here’s Why

A screenshot from our Dreamforce22 video that includes photos of all interviewees.

Our team set out to talk to customers at Dreamforce 2022 to find out what exactly they love about


. Their unbridled enthusiasm was more than we expected.  

So, what exactly was the bottom line? Our Trailblazers love AppExchange because it boosts efficiency, solves business problems, sets businesses up for success, and helps them get the most out of Salesforce.

Here’s a closer look at what exactly they had to say. 

AppExchange is Easy to Use

“It saves so much time,”

Salesforce MVP Stephanie Forest

said. “Everything is so simple to install and get up and running. For me, three words that sum up the AppExchange are fast, easy, and secure.” 

AppExchange Sets You Up for Success  

“When I have a problem or a request from a customer I always start with the AppExchange because it helps us be more efficient in implementing new solutions for that customer,”

Salesforce MVP Mike Martin

said. “The AppExchange is a huge benefit for our business because we don’t have to start from scratch when implementing a solution for a customer. It saves time and money.”

AppExchange Makes You More Efficient 

“I’m a big fan of AppExchange because it can help you solve pretty much any business problem you have,”

AppExchange All Star Zarina Varley Scott

said. “It’s improved my business by extending Salesforce’s functionality and giving us the opportunity to streamline and digitalize old, analog processes. It’s been a total game-changer.” 

AppExchange Increases Value

“If I could sum up the AppExchange in three words, I would call it a platform for business,”

AppExchange All Star Andrew Russo

said. “It allows me to be able to deliver exceptional experiences. There are some awesome apps we’re able to use that cost us nothing, add instant value to our end users, and give them really good functionality we don’t have to build out from scratch.” 

AppExchange is Functional and Fun 

“The AppExchange has made me more successful because it has so many great solutions that can help me achieve my goals,”

 AppExchange All Star Gabie Caballer

o said. “It definitely puts the fun in functionality.” 

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Amanda Matlock is a Content Writer at Salesforce AppExchange.
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