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Your March 2023 AppExchange Monthly Briefing

This month we got a closer look at all things TDX, discovered how marketing automation allows businesses to be more personalized, and took a deep dive ​​​​​​into why inventory management helps with accurate inventory data.  

Looking Ahead: How State CIOs Hope to Guide Change and Collaboration
Today, State Chief Information Officers (CIOs) must confront a host of problems while seeking to meet citizen and constituent demands for digital access while enabling technological growth and consolidation. To aid in navigating these issues, the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) recently released an updated report on the top challenges and priorities State CIOs are facing, based on a survey of 51 State and Territory CIOs. Here’s what they had to say. 
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Marketing Automation, Get Your Head in the Game
Many industries, including health and life sciences, the public sector, financial services, and other companies are scrambling to get their marketing automation game on. But why make this play? When you bring data sources together to create targeted segments and adjust a customer experience based on real-time data from other sources – such as your customer relationship management (CRM) or other internal systems – it elevates the digital experience consumers have grown to expect. Tying in email, SMS, web forms, and advertising data allows businesses and organizations to be personalized, which always yields the best results.
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Salesforce Customers Share Apps for Developers, Admins, and Architects at TDX
The community recently gathered in San Francisco and on Salesforce+ for TrailblazerDX (TDX), joining us to discover new ways to build success now with Salesforce. During these two exciting days, we blurred the lines between learning and fun by bringing admins, developers, architects, partners, entrepreneurs, and IT leaders together to immerse themselves in a world-class learning experience that explored how to build apps on Customer 360, integrate with MuleSoft, connect with Slack, and power analytics with Tableau.
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Sentiment Analysis Through the Lens of a SaaS CTO
Products are constantly becoming better. Or at least that’s what “people” developing them like to believe and as markets continue to evolve, product alone is no longer a powerful differentiator. Experience is. It’s a vital cog to turn prospects into paying customers and increase the longevity of existing customers. So, it’s non-negotiable to keep a track of how customers feel about your products and brand. This is where sentiment analysis comes into play.
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Why Choose Cloud for Inventory Management
There are various options available to businesses looking to get a better grasp of their inventory management. Ultimately, when considering a strategy, you want to focus on a few core areas. Principally these are accuracy, efficiency, and access. Accurate inventory information, efficient approaches toward your warehousing processes, and access to key analytics save both time and money. If saving time and money is one of your goals, having accurate inventory information accessible anytime and anywhere, as well as shareable and secure is incredibly important, inventory management for the cloud can help.
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Amanda Matlock is a Content Writer at Salesforce AppExchange
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