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A Smart Investment: How Beyond Better Foods Achieved a 769% ROI with AppExchange

AppExchange mascot Appy can be seen dancing beside the Beyond Better Foods and Salesforce AppExchange logos.

​​​​​​Like so many Salesforce AppExchange customers, Beyond Better Foods (BBF) initially turned to the world’s number one enterprise cloud marketplace to solve a single challenge. But once the multi-million-dollar developer and manufacturer of food products leveraged its first app from AppExchange, it was clear that the relationship between BBF and AppExchange technology was just beginning.

A released report from Nucleus Research highlights impressive outcomes and success BBF has experienced since incorporating AppExchange apps. The most astounding outcome? BBF achieved a 769% ROI within less than two months of deploying solutions from Salesforce AppExchange. Get all the details by downloading the report.

How is this possible? Which apps did BBF use to solve what problems? Can we just talk about BBF food already? Keep reading for the answers to these questions and more.

The Challenges Facing Beyond Better Foods

BBF is a multi-million-dollar developer and manufacturer of three better-for-you food brands: Enlightened Frozen Desserts, Cloud 10 Super Treats, and Bada Bean Bada Boom Snacks. Over the past few years, BBF’s delicious products have driven consistent success and rapid growth for the company. Experiencing some of the fastest growth in the food and beverage industry as consumers seek healthier lifestyles, you can find BBF brands in over 10,000 stores in the United States. But with that growth came new challenges. Many of the company’s internal processes were still relying on outdated and time-consuming strategies, meaning BFF’s ability to scale was not keeping up with its growth in revenue. Data entry, for example, was still being handled manually, which cost the organization and its team members valuable time, while also draining company resources.

The first challenge the company set out to tackle with AppExchange apps was enabling automation. BBF required adaptable automation technology to improve inventory and warehouse management, avoid costly errors, and scale for growth. Luckily, as Salesforce users, BBF had access to countless apps that could help on AppExchange.

The AppExchange Apps Leveraged by Beyond Better Foods

With the challenges defined — enabling automation, integration, and inventory management — BBF began to explore AppExchange technology.

The first app leveraged by the company was GoldFinch, an enterprise resource management (ERP) solution customized to the needs of consumer packaged goods organizations. The organization also chose to integrate Tableau for analytics and another partner solution on AppExchange, Accounting Seed, for finance as part of the overall deployment. BBF saw results almost instantly after integrating these apps with Salesforce.

Drum Roll Please: The Results

The Nucleus Research report highlighted a number of key benefit areas that resulted from BBF leveraging Salesforce AppExchange technology, including increased employee and manager productivity and avoided costs. The 769% ROI was driven by:

- Increased Productivity. Upon implementation of Goldfinch, Tableau, and Accounting Seed, BBF eliminated manual errors and improved warehousing processes, and automated capabilities, ultimately increasing employee and manager productivity.

- Avoided Costs. The availability of new tools for inventory management enabled BBF to retire its licenses with both Fishbowl and Google Docs. The amount of expired and expiring inventory was also reduced, saving $200,000 per year on packaged goods that would have been destroyed.

- Saved Time. Since implementing Goldfinch, BBF has experienced a 70% savings in staff time to create reports and forecasts.

The combination of benefits AppExchange apps enabled for BBF have helped the company scale in the midst of rapid growth, and turn their focus to the limitless potential of the future. In other words, this is the most delicious AppExchange success story to date.

Gaining a Competitive Edge with AppExchange

Success stories like BBF are not uncommon when it comes to AppExchange customers. To see more details about the organization’s success with Salesforce technology, including financial analysis, cost analysis, and more, download the Nucleus Research report here.

To begin leveraging AppExchange apps for your own company, visit AppExchange.com.
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