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Capital One Works With Diverse-Owned AppEx Partners to Drive Efficiency

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​​​​​​Capital One is a Fortune 100 company specializing in credit cards, auto loans, banking, business lending, payments, and savings products for retail and corporate customers.

In addition to providing top-notch customer service, Capital One deeply values diversity, inclusion, and belonging, both in the workplace and the world. To streamline their operations and eliminate manual processes, Capital One engaged two diverse-owned Salesforce AppExchange suppliers to partner on two priority projects — woman-owned partner, West Coast Consulting, and AAPI-owned app, Groove.

“At Capital One, it’s important for us to support diversity in our internal hiring, but it’s also incredibly important to support diversity when it comes to the partners we work with externally,” Capital One Senior Vice President, Rossana Bouchaya said.

With these two diverse-owned partners, Capital One has not only streamlined its processes, they’ve also improved customer and associate experiences. Watch the video below to learn more about how Capital One is changing banking for good with AppExchange, and read on for a deeper dive into their success.

​​​​​​Driving Efficiency Through Robotic Process Automation

Capital One sought to remove manual processes in favor of automation and efficiency. Investing in machine learning reduces the risk of human error and gives teams more time to focus on strategic work.

“Partnering with West Coast Consulting allowed us to create an app through Robotic Process Automation that eliminated manual data entry and extended Salesforce capabilities,” Bouchaya said. “At first, the app was specifically targeted for our Commercial Real Estate teams; it helped us save countless hours every single week on tasks that could easily be automated. But in time, we were able to take that app and scale it within Capital One to apply to other lines of business.”

Rossana explains that integrating the app with Salesforce not only expanded the reach of the app but also allowed hundreds of employees to experience these time-saving benefits.

“Working with Benafsha and West Coast Consulting has been a career highlight for me. As a woman, myself, it’s not every day that we get to work with other women and minority partners. Her experience, creative energy, and diverse perspective was appreciated, and I was proud of Capital One for giving her a seat at the table,” Rossana said.

Giving Sales Reps Their Fridays Back

In the Commercial Bank line of business, sales and relationship teams use Salesforce for pipeline tracking. One team, specifically focused on acquisitions and prospecting, faced a critical challenge: How to track a high volume of activities and contacts without spending manual time inputting data.

Capital One engaged AppExchange app Groove to bring automation and efficiency to the sales process and team. Groove’s sales engagement platform bridged Salesforce and the inbox, increasing Salesforce adoption, seller productivity, and effectiveness.

“Working with Capital One has been exciting,” Groove co-founder Austin Wang said. “Sales reps have thanked us for giving their Fridays back because they no longer have to dedicate that time for manual data entry. And, as a former sales representative myself, that’s rewarding to hear.”

With Groove, Salesforce adoption is over 90% and weekly productivity grew 20%. As Capital One looks to the future, they are excited to keep innovating and giving a variety of voices a seat at the table as they work to change banking for good.

Learn more about how you can innovate with diverse-owned partners on AppExchange.
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