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20+ Favorite Apps from Salesforce MVPs & AppExchange All Stars

The AppExchange community has a vast knowledge of apps, components, ideas, tips, and Salesforce. Salesforce MVPs are answering questions in the Trailblazer Community, writing app reviews, and sitting on AppExchange panels. AppExchange All Stars are Customer Trailblazers involved in AppExchange, whether through interviews in ebooks, speaking at our event sessions, or talking about apps in the Trailblazer Community and reviewing apps. 

Here's a look at favorite apps from Salesforce MVPs and AppExchange All Stars.

Field Trip is super helpful in analyzing fields. - Erica Champine, AppExchange All Star

Draggin Role helps you see who is assigned to what role in your role hierarchy. What other way would there be to easily move and then visualize changes with just a refresh? - Carrie Anderson, AppExchange All Star

Cloudingo makes de-duping soooo easy. - Brenda Gonzalez, AppExchange All Star

Salesforce Community Management Package is extremely useful in community implementations and provides customer with immediate access to communities reports and dashboards. - Phil Weinmeister, Salesforce MVP

Apsona is the Swiss Army Knife for nonprofits. It allows you to create complex reports, update records, even create mail merges. It can do so much! - Nick Lindberg, Salesforce MVP

LeanData solves a fundamental limitation with Salesforce's architecture. - Travis Henry, AppExchange All Star

Conga Composer is transformational. It's allowed us to easily generate documents (customer facing and internal) based on Salesforce data at the click of a button. - Dominic Ionadi, AppExchange All Star

DemandTools saves my team and me hours of work by quickly being able to update thousands of records at the same time. - Leyna Hoffer, Salesforce MVP 

SpringCM rocks document management. - Jean-Michel Mougeolle, Salesforce MVP

Apttus Contract Management actually does make a different to operations and how they function. - Mark Graham, AppExchange All Star

RollUp Helper allows me to summarize data without code in places where core functionality doesn't. - Thea Leisen, AppExchange All Star

Clicktools! - Stephanie Dorman, AppExchange All Star

MapAnything because the heat maps and other tools to visualize your data across different geographies is really useful. - Larry Miller, AppExchange All Star

RingLead has allowed me to do granular deduplication. Additionally, as so many companies shift to ABM (my own and our customers', too), being able to view non-converted leads associated with an account is incredibly powerful for measuring ABM success and empowering sales to treat them all as part of the same organization. - Erin Peterson, AppExchange All Star

KnowledgeTree easily gives me a glance at my super users without user, parent and child role names. - Johan Yu, Salesforce MVP

Drawloop as we use it to solve such a variety of problems. - Louise Lockie, Salesforce MVP

Salesforce CPQ for it's reconfigurability options for products and quotes. - Todd Trevisan, AppExchange All Star

Conga ActionGrid is a huge productivity improvement by turning Salesforce views into actionable excel-like grids. It's easy to see data gaps and for sales to manage their pipeline all from one screen! - Rebekah Knoll, AppExchange All Star

NewVoiceMedia is built directly on Salesforce and is the best CTI solution I've ever used. - Julien Ramond, AppExchange All Star

The Jitterbit family of AppExchange apps. I've been at this a long time and Jitterbit has grown to be an excellent platform for managing and moving data, as well as a strong tool for API management. - Stefanie Causey, AppExchange All Star

Opportunity Products to Assets to this day is one of my favorites. This app single-handedly helped us get an entire department out of Excel and into Salesforce, while drastically improving workflow, data accuracy, reporting, projections - all while DECREASING overall workload. Most importantly, it gave me the framework I needed to be able to create a solution to a very perplexing problem our business faced, and made me look like a genius to my peers! Personally, this app was the springboard to me diving into the world of flows and automation which have been extremely beneficial for me and our business. - Chris Leszka

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Amanda Nelson is Director of Community Marketing for AppExchange, Salesforce.
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