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AppExchange Solutions for IT Teams

IT and admin apps on AppExchange help you accelerate a number of Salesforce-related tasks. One of the many curated category pages on AppExchange is for IT teams and Salesforce admins, as you can see on this category page filled with IT apps. These apps help fight inefficiency and boost productivity by automating, streamlining, and accelerating every department in your business. From apps that help back up your Salesforce data, to bulk object action apps, to data integrators, AppExchange apps are a great resource for your IT team.


Below are a few AppExchange solutions designed to help IT teams perform their jobs more effectively. Then, we feature an excerpt from an article that answers some commonly asked questions by those who work in the back office, with a focus on FAQs from IT teams about AppExchange apps.



OwnBackup provides automated Salesforce data backups, data compare and restore for disaster recovery, replications for sandbox testing, and secure key management. With OwnBackup, secure your own backups of mission critical Salesforce data, metadata, attachments, and custom objects. It’s easy to use and provides unlimited storage.

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Agile Accelerator

Salesforce teams have used the Salesforce Platform for years to manage backlogs, sprints, user stories, defects, and more. With Agile Accelerator, a free Salesforce Labs app, you can leverage the same agile app that Salesforce uses. Agile Accelerator takes the most popular features from Salesforce’s single source of truth and provides it to customers at no cost.

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8 Common Back Office Questions Answered

By Amanda Nelson


The back office is the backbone of a company, keeping finance and accounting, ERP, HR, and IT running so the customer-facing departments can be successful. A new AppExchange guide incorporates app recommendations that solve common pain points for each department. Here are some of those best practices on how to find an app that fits your business challenge, as we explore common questions for each department.


7. Is it possible to reduce time backing up and restoring data? 

Yes, and an IT app can help. Save time when your company’s platforms, applications, and business groups are all connected. Look across your entire enterprise — including remote sites.8. How do I service staff and track IT assets that are all over the world?IT apps make it easy. IT apps consolidate data about every employee or asset so you operate with one system of record. You’ll get real-time info into who needs what.



Andrew Gothelf is Senior Manager, AppExchange Marketing
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