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15 Valentine's Day Plans That AppExchange Fans Will Love

Whether you're all about flowers and chocolates over a romantic candle-lit dinner, or prefer pajamas, your couch and Netflix, we support you. That's why no matter your interests, AppExchange has the dreamiest solutions in the business. So in honor of the love-struck holiday, based on your Valentine's Day plans, we recommend the solutions that would make all of your dreams come true.

What are your Valentine's Day plans?

I write love notes.

How sweet. Apps like Conga Composer, Docomotion and Nintex Drawloop DocGen make any type of document generation easy and accurate. You can even use templates for pixel-perfect cards (and other types of documents) in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, HTML email, PDFs, or good 'ol handwritten cards. And don't forget to e-sign it with love from e-signature apps like DocuSign.

I like to let the conversation flow.

Flow solutions simplify the flow building process by making it easier to create flows that connect with and perform actions on third-party systems without requiring additional integration or code. So go with the flow by accepting card payments with a flow solution from Chargent or craft code-free dynamic and responsive forms with Vlocity Omniscript.

I get crafty and make my own gift from scratch.

You like to unleash your creativity, and what better day to do that than Valentine's Day? Creative minds love the ability to build custom, and Lightning components do just that. Components are building blocks to create your own apps and custom pages in Lightning with clicks, not code. They contain all of the code they need to run, so you can reuse them in other apps and pages. Try Vidyard for easy video display or Box Lightning Component Pack to embed a Box file or folder. The crafting opportunities are limitless!

I hang out somewhere local with friends.

Apps can help you map out your plans...literally. Apps like MapAnything and Geopointe enable route planning and more through a real-time, interactive map of your Salesforce data. Sounds like a great test drive.

I love a good talk with deep questions so we can get to know each other more.

Uncover true feelings this holiday with apps like GetFeedback and SurveyMonkey. You can build engaging, mobile-friendly surveys that boost response rates. What a way to trigger those heartstrings.

We'll go through our old photo albums and reminisce about the past.

Remember that vacation in Cabo? Bring back those old memories with data backups from apps like Odaseva, OwnBackup and Spanning Backup. They'll data compare and restore for disaster recovery, and secure key management. Plus, it's unlimited storage, so those memories will never fade away.

I have a detailed agenda with activities planned out for the entire day.

If you're the planning type, you need an app that will keep up. Try TaskRay, TimeTrade, SUMO Scheduler or Fonteva Events. These project management solutions make it easy to plan, execute, and report on how the evening transpired. Even better, repeat Valentine's Day success with these apps' templates and automation.

Get engaged!

Wow, that's big news! Perhaps just as exciting (but a slightly different form of engagement) are engagement-focused apps like Decisions on Demand, LeanData or Salesforce Engage. Engage with the right leads at the right time, whether you're in sales or marketing with personalized lead nurture campaigns.

We cuddle on the couch. I just want to feel protected.

There's nothing like a good cuddle, making you feel all warm, fuzzy and protected. But if your partner can't protect you from malware, you might want F-Secure, or Cloud Compliance for GDPR. Now do you feel cozy?

I want to connect.

Connecting is important, but so is quickly and easily connecting your email and calendars with Salesforce. Check out apps like Groove and Linkpoint to do just that.

I go wild and load up on tons of gifts for loved ones.

If you're loading up on gifts, it might be easiest to automate the process. Data loading apps offer fast, easy, no-coding integration. You can import/export of data between flat files, databases, and Salesforce. Check out Mulesoft, Dell Boomi or Jitterbit.

We'll spend time on the phone (my valentine is long distance)​.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder, right? Use apps like PhoneBurner to make 447% more calls per hour and record calls, too. Or, try NewVoiceMedia for telephony integration including CTI, IVR, dialer, click-to-dial, auto dialing, call recording and call routing. Sounds good!

Flowers and chocolate, just like last year.

If it works, why start from scratch? With Salesforce Lightning Bolts, you can get industry solution templates to help you get to market faster. Bolts are pre-built templates for Salesforce Communities that integrate seamlessly with the Salesforce platform. Give the concierge experience with Cadalys Concierge™ Lightning Bolt, or encourage and foster innovation with Innovation Hub.

Whatever I do, I'm very mindful of my spending.

Love can be expensive! Manage your billing and cash receipts, and generate real-time financial analysis and audit trails with apps like Accounting Seed and FinancialForce.

I don't know what to do!

Don't worry, ask experts instead. In addition to the many solutions at your fingertips on AppExchange, you have access to over 1,000 consulting partners, which include certified consultants offering strategic guidance, deep technical skills, and relevant expertise to help you transform your business. We’re not sure if they know much about love, but they know plenty about Salesforce! Find a consulting partner here.

Looking for love? Our app guides for sales, marketing, service and more, are full of solutions to learn, get ideas, and find the right fit. Check them out here, because after all, everyone deserves to be #appy.

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