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"Marie Kondo" Your Salesforce Org with These Apps

Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method is all about a simpler, more organized home by only keeping the things that bring joy into your life. The concept of cleaning out clutter can even be applied to Salesforce (as you can see in this helpful post), and AppExchange apps can help make Salesforce serenity a reality.

Visualize the end goal

Before you begin, imagine the destination. What would a clean Salesforce org look like? Whether you just inherited it as a new admin or you're inspired by the full swing of Spring, use AppExchange data cleansing apps to identify what “sparks joy” in your organization — and what doesn't.

Elements.Cloud Catalyst

Clean up, document and drive adoption of your Salesforce org. Get insightful analytics including field usage and percentage used. Add documentation, links, notes, metadata, images, process diagrams, and requirements.

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Data Quality Analysis Dashboards

Identify gaps in record data to determine data quality and completeness. The results are then depicted through dashboards to identify deficiencies in record data.

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Determine what sparks joy

Now that you have a grasp on the state of your (hopefully not so messy) org, it's time to remove the stuff that holds your org back from being all it can be. Look for inactive users, outdated, duplicate, or unused data, even installed — but untouched — AppExchange packages.

Clean Your Room! Dashboard

Inspire sales teams with a weekly pipeline "housekeeping" dashboard. Display deals that have been "pushed" multiple times, deals without recent activity, and deals missing key data.

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Field Trip

If too many unnecessary fields is the stuff of bad dreams, this app is for you. Run reports on the fields you have in Salesforce in order to analyze what percentage of records have (or have not) populated.

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Tidy in order

Now that you're ready to tidy up, it's important to back up information, aggregate old data, change folder permissions, etc. in the order that works best for you. Flows, configurations and daily backup apps can help.

CMTD Enhanced Related List (Component)

Don't clutter your related records with unwanted data, group and organized them instead with this configurable component to increase users' productivity.

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Flow Magic - Picklist (Flow Solution)

Convert your picklist fields into visually engaging selectors in seconds. Take the UX of your process flows to the next level and convert your picklist fields into visually engaging selectors. Visual selectors boost productivity and the engagement of your flows by providing context and simplicity.

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Ensure automated, daily backups with this app. You can also compare and restore for disaster recovery, sandbox seeding and replication, GDPR compliance, and secure key management.

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Sounds daunting? Relax. AppExchange data cleansing solutions make it a breeze. Once you've finished, don't forget to celebrate your newly-cleaned org. For more info on cleaning your Salesforce org, as well as other AppExchange solutions and stories, check out The Exchange, the Spring 2019 issue.

This post is written by Tony Newton, an AppExchange writer.

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