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Find What You're Looking For With These 7 AppExchange Apps

AppExchange recently hit a major milestone — an incredible seven million installs. We are unbelievably honored and thrilled that you — our customers, partners, and entire Salesforce Ohana — helped us reach this accomplishment. 

Through all of these installs, customers find that one of the most popular ways to seek information on AppExchange is to use the search bar at the top, making it easy and fast to find solutions, consultants, resources, and more. So to celebrate this milestone, here are seven AppExchange solutions you might be looking for to solve a challenge.

What You Want: Business Card Scanner

Solution: ScanBizCards

What it Does: Conference badge and business card scanning plus more

Benefit: Capture B2B leads at events in real-time

Why this App: “Very happy with the performance of this app and the support team does a great job of putting us first as a customer.” - Sean Williams

Get ScanBizCards >>

What You Want: Calendar

Solution: Calendar Anything

What it Does: Create customizable calendars from any standard or custom object

Benefit: Schedule, manage marketing campaigns, and plan projects 

Why this App: This app saved me hours and hours of development work, and I was shocked at how easy it was to use and how customizable it is.” - Marina Martin

Get Calendar Anything >>

What You Want: CTI

Solution: NewVoiceMedia

What it Does: Salesforce telephony integration

Benefit: Increase sales and agent productivity as well as customer satisfaction 

Why this App: “We have driven efficiencies and coupled with Salesforce have now the best-in-class system available to help deliver world-class service to our customers!” - Sabbah Wasim

Get NewVoiceMedia >>

What You Want: Dashboard

Solution: Salesforce Adoption Dashboards

What it Does: Provides visibility to relevant user login history and key feature adoption

Benefit: Make strategic adoption decisions based on data

Why this App: “This is a great tool for any org that has trouble with CRM adoption.” - Adam Blitzer

 Get Salesforce Adoption Dashboards >>

What You Want: Project Management

Solution: TaskRay

What it Does: Provides cloneable project templates, repeatable task and automation, and reporting

Benefit: Onboard customers faster and more efficiently

Why this App: “Say hello to accountability, transparency, collaboration, and repeatable/scalable processes.” - Kendra Kelly

Get TaskRay >>

What You Want: SMS

Solution: Mogli SMS

What it Does: Schedule and send 2-way, bulk text messages; receive and send text messages globally

Benefit: Create intelligent SMS experiences with customers

Why this App: “...the Mogli team is responsive and helpful whether the issue is on our end or theirs.” - Ricky Bradley

Get Mogli SMS >>

What You Want: Survey

Solution: GetFeedback

What it Does: Build and send mobile-friendly surveys, integrate feedback data with Salesforce

Benefit: Use synced data to inform and improve processes 

Why this App: “This tool checks so many boxes for us and if we find one it does not the GetFeedback team is willing to see what can be done to accommodate us.” - Mathew Hockaday

Get Get Feedback >>

What have you recently been looking for on AppExchange? Tweet to us and let us know.

Holly Rushton is a Senior Manager, Content Marketing for AppExchange at Salesforce.
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