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AppExchange Solutions for Sales Teams

Sales apps on AppExchange increase productivity on the world’s leading sales platform. These apps connect your sales process seamlessly from lead to cash to loyalty, allowing you to spend more time selling with solutions that amplify your ability to sell faster, smarter, and the way you want, from anywhere. Sales apps on AppExchange drive rep productivity, connect sales processes, help you make insightful decisions, build more pipeline, unlock channel sales, and more. For sales teams looking to sell smarter, we have a category page filled with sales apps.

Below are a few AppExchange solutions designed to help sales teams sell faster and more efficiently. Below that, we have excerpted an article featuring frequently asked questions by sales teams, which provides great tips for those in sales management and operations.


DocuSign makes any workflow or approval simple, secure, and fully digital with its e-signature solution. DocuSign integrates with Salesforce and is configurable across Salesforce products so you can send, sign, and track approvals anytime, from any device, to reduce cycle times and accelerate your business.

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MapAnything provides geolocation-based territory management, route planning and optimization, sales management, and reporting through a real-time, interactive map. Boost field sales and service productivity, increase fleet efficiency and compliance, and improve planning and data analysis, to help sales, service, and operations be more effective and efficient. 

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Pitcher provides offline Salesforce capabilities for turn-key sales enablement. Pitcher brings accounts and contacts offline, including page layouts, validations, custom fields, and more, all out of the box. It's a user-friendly experience that integrates seamlessly with Salesforce. 

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Prolifiq CRUSH

Prolifiq CRUSH helps organizations increase revenue, save time, and outmaneuver the competition with strategic account planning that leverage the core account, contacts, opportunity, and tasks objects on Salesforce. Say goodbye to spreadsheets, slides, and disconnected apps with flexible account planning templates that allow you to manage your account plans like a project. 

Learn more about Prolifiq CRUSH

7 Frequently Asked Sales Questions Answered

By Amanda Nelson


Much like your first time venturing to a new place, or finding you way in a sales promotion, navigating the landscape of technology for sales success can be a brave new adventure.  The good news is you’re not alone. Sales jobs will continue to rise, with two million new sales jobs by 2020, according to reports by CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. Therefore, there’s a constant need for technology that solves common challenges, and answers common questions.Here are the answers to seven of our most frequently asked questions in sales, as shared in a recent app guide. Happy exploring.1. Can I be smarter about approaching prospects?Yes. Approaching a prospect — whether revisiting them after two months or making a cold call — is a challenge. But where there’s a will, there’s a way. Choose sales technology that enables you to prospect for new accounts, and even schedule meetings, all within your CRM. You’ll stop flipping back and forth between windows and tabs, which only distracts you and wastes time.Tip: Show genuine interest in prospects. Be their friend.2. How can I ensure the right lead goes to the right rep?Try lead management. After refining your internal lead process, automating the lead assignment process enables you to stop worrying and start closing. 

When a lead is assigned to the right rep, the right selling takes place, and the deal gets closed. Lead management apps provide visibility to identify your most successful lead sources, which also helps get the most out of those struggling leads.Tip: Act fast. An online lead can go cold in as little as 90 minutes.



Andrew Gothelf is Senior Manager, AppExchange Marketing
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